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Dayalbagh Gardens, Agra

Also known as the "garden of the Supreme Lord", the Dayal Bagh Gardens is located 15 km from Agra and is an important pilgrimage site. The Dayalbagh Gardens is also the headquarter of the Radhasoami religious sect, founded in 1861 by Shri Shiv Dayal Singh. The Radhasoami movement combines elements from Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism.

Shiv Dayal Sahib, popularly known as Soami Maharaj by his disciples, lived from in Dayalbagh from 1818 to 1878. He is worshipped at this grand memorial that is a combination of temple, gurudwara, vihara and mosque. The Radhasoami memorial is 110 feet high, has impressive pillars and is made of pure white marble. The building is under construction now. Surprisingly, work has been going on at this building for the last 100 years. The Dayalbagh Gardens would surely be an interesting place to visit for connoisseurs of art, who would love to watch the skilled artisans and marble cutters at work.

Another interesting feature of this great gateway is the inscription etched on it,
"The World is but a bridge, pass over but build no houses on it."

Attributed to Jesus Christ, this inscription speaks volumes of Emperor Akbar's famed religious tolerance. On the eastern archway of the Buland Darwaza, a Persian inscription records Akbar's conquest over Deccan in 1601 A.D. The Buland Darwaza is one of the tallest gateway entrances in the world. One of the grandest of Mughal monuments ever built, a visit to the Buland Darwaza is something you should not miss.

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