Agra Travel Guide

Agra is situated in the North India state of Uttar Pradesh and is at a distance of 200 km away from Delhi. The most visited tourist site in India, Agra boasts of the ethereal Taj Mahal whose sublime beauty continues to mesmerize millions. Besides, there are many more attractive sites scattered all across Agra, which are known for their sheer beauty and splendor. In fact, a visit to India can never be complete without a visit to Agra. Traveling in Agra India is quite safe for tourists, however these useful travel tips will help you enjoy a comfortable trip to Agra India.

  • English is understood in all hotels in Agra. English speaking guides are readily available.

  • Internet facilities and cyber cafes are readily available in all tourist destinations in India.

  • Sunscreen, loose comfortable cotton clothing, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are essential equipment while traveling in Agra in summer. During winters, warm clothing is essential at nighttime.

  • If you require medical attention, there are excellent hospitals in India. But, if you regularly use some medication, please bring it with you, since brand names of medication available in India may differ from the medication you normally use.

  • It is safe to drink water in hotels and restaurants. Branded bottled water is readily available everywhere.

  • In some religious monuments such as mosques, women may not be allowed to enter. At mosques and Hindu temples, footwear needs to left at the entrance.

  • Wear discreet clothing when traveling to religious shrines.

  • The International Driver's License is acceptable in India. It may be noted that in India vehicles drive on the left hand side of the road.

  • Photography may be prohibited in some locations. For instance, Agra has military installations that are prohibited zones for tourists.

  • In case of any trouble contact the nearest Police Station or Embassy.

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