Top 10 Travel Tips for Andamans

The South Eastern Islands of Indian subcontinent, whose location on the Bay of Bengal and proximity to Thailand, makes it an amazing cultural hub for the tourists, and that is why it is emerging fast, as a tourist spot, though mainly it has been a honeymooners paradise so far, with the areas being less crowded.

Amidst the beautiful islands and beaches, enjoying a wonderful cruise experience and relaxing in the comfortable resorts, Andaman tourism offers you a perfect vacation.

But with the place being a little secluded and unique on its own, it is better to follow some certain guidelines, while planning an Andaman trip.

10 Important Guidelines for an Andaman Trip :

  1. Before planning the trip, you must know about the climatic conditions here, so that you can choose the weather of your choice. February to May, is the best time to visit the islands, as the sun will shine directly on the beaches, while June to September will be extremely rainy, somewhat ruining the charm of the place and making it a little dangerous on the coasts. While the winters, December and January, also has a charm of its own. What suits you, should be your choice, while we will suggest the pleasant summers.

  2. An Andaman tourism, is not a very easy job, as being somewhat secluded you may not be able to find the best places of the islands, so consult a tour operator, and make your trip an absolutely entertaining experience, with best accommodation and recreational activities.

  3. For an Andaman trip, you need to take special permits, if you are not an Indian. You need to inform the authorities about the duration, location and reason of your trip, and get proper permissions of the state authorities. This is all for safety purpose.

  4. On your trip, always remember to keep all your permits, licenses, documents like Visa, passport, tickets, and a photostated copy of each, with you all the time. You must also take care of your cash, and keep ATM and credit cards with you, in a safe place.

  5. Andaman is a place, where a lot of tribal people dwell, though far way from the tourist places, but in your excitement of looking around the remotest places of the island, do not infringe on their estates, as they are not extremely friendly people.

  6. Your packing for an Andaman trip has to be very thorough. The lands are hot because of the coasts, and therefore you need to pack light cotton clothing, but the nights are a little cooler. Winters are colder too, so you should pack some woolens also.

  7. Pack all the other essentials for your stay, including comfortable footwear, sun shades, sun hats, scarves, sun blocks, umbrellas for unexpected rains, and your toiletries. You must also keep anti allergy cream, as the close contact with sea water may give you rashes.

  8. Though the natives are friendly people, and would help and greet all the tourists on their way, but contrary to the cities, the tribal people on the fringes, can be hostile in some cases, so maintain your distance, and respect their choice of living.

  9. On your Andaman trip, you must visit all the best beaches and islands of the place, and take a look at the marine world of the islands. Watch the splendid coral reefs, of the place and go on the ship cruise, which is the best recreation facility Andaman tourism provides, besides various water sports, like diving and water skiing.

  10. Always be prepared for any kind of emergency, and keep yourself well informed. Keep in contact of the Andaman Tourism Government , and keep the police numbers with you. The country code is 91, while the state code is 3192, so in case you meet an emergency, be on your guard.

Do not be a reckless, careless person, on an Andaman trip, and enjoy an ethereal place with full attention to everything you come across.

Last updated : Dec 15, 2011.

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