Location Andhra Pradesh

Located in the south-eastern India, Andhra Pradesh can be seen on a map between 12'41' and 22'N latitude and 77' and 84'40'E longitude. One of the four south Indian states of India, Andhra Pradesh is bordered by Orissa, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh in the north, Tamil Nadu in the south, Bay of Bengal in the east and Karnataka in the west. It is situated on the Deccan plateau, crisscrossed by two major rivers, the Godavari and Krishna.

Andhra Pradesh regional map divides it into three important regions- the coastal region known as Andhra, comprising of nine districts; the interior region known as Rayalseema, comprising of four districts; and the Telengana region, comprising of the capital city of Hyderabad and nine adjoining districts. India Travel Portal offers online geographical, political and tourist maps of Andhra Pradesh India, showing its location, districts, tourist destinations and more.

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