Bhutan Tourism

Situated on the roof of the world, the kingdom of Bhutan is a small yet fiercely independent country that has started eliciting great curiosity on the tourism front.
Known as the last Sanghri La (utopian paradise), this wonderful and mystical land of the Thunder Dragon is truly one of the most fascinating places you can ever visit. No wonder, Bhutan tourism travel is gaining great popularity today.

India Travel Portal has always prided itself in offering some of the most unusual and exciting tours to its clients. Now it proudly offers its Bhutan tourism travel packages that give you the very best of exotic, beautiful and enchanting Bhutan. Moreover, the friendly people of this wonderful country always go out of their way to acquaint you with their culture and lives. As you indulge in a Bhutan tourism travel tour, discover untouched scenic delights that would soothe your senses and mesmerize you with their sheer beauty.


Buddhism has greatly influenced Bhutan's past as well as its present. A Bhutan travel tourism tour would show you how deep this bond goes besides taking you around the ancient monasteries and museums that would add up to a truly fantastic experience. Numerous festivals and events dot the festival calendar of Bhutan. As part of you Bhutan tourism travel, don't forget to be a part of these amazing events that would leave you with a bagful of pleasant memories.

For adventure freaks, here is some great news. Bhutan offers great opportunities for exciting sports like trekking, rafting/kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing and day hikes. Bhutan tourism travel would also offer you ample opportunities to indulge in fishing and golfing. By now, you must have started considering Bhutan as the next destination for a holiday. Do follow your heart and come to Bhutan whose charm and beauty beckons you.

Bhutan tourism has started catching the imagination of tourists across the world. This quaint little kingdom is truly a treat to the senses with its natural beauty and exotic flavor working a subtle magic upon you.In fact, Bhutan tourism allows you to explore a realm that still boasts of untouched and unspoiled scenic locales that transport you to a utopian paradise. India Travel Portal offers some of the most thoughtfully designed Bhutan Tourism tours for discerning travelers.

Tours to Bhutan, the land of the Thunder Dragon also offer a great insight into a culture that has always been deeply influenced by the ideals of Buddhism. No wonder, Bhutan tourism tours offer you some of the most fascinating monasteries and Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Bhutan's amazing culture is something you must experience. Right from its colorful festivals to its religious events, everything event in Bhutan is unique in its own way.

There is another aspect of Bhutan tourism that will make an adventure freak smile with glee. Well, Bhutan offers a host of adventure sporting options that would surely have your adrenaline flowing. Trekking, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing and day hikes - Bhutan tourism offers you all. For those who would prefer some more sedate sporting options, Bhutan offers ample opportunity to indulge in sports like golf and angling.

Our Bhutan tourism tours open up a kaleidoscope of colors, exoticism, adventure and fun for you. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to tour a place, which has still managed to preserve its old worldly charm in spite of the ravages of time and commercialization.

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