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Travelling India is an appealing and intriguing idea, but heading straight to an unknown territory without any preparations, without any warnings and with no research at all, could be a little problematic, as you are going to be in a place , different from your environment, climate, and lifestyle. It is better to prepare yourself a little for a different culture, and for this there are many ways, one of which is referring to the Travel Books.

Many travel based writers, publishing firms, newspapers and even websites have launched their helping guides, through these books, providing details about the place and how can a tourist survive in new conditions. Many travel books on India are also available in market, considering the huge tourist industry the country caters to. We provide you some of these books here.

  1. The Rough Guide to India

A guide book that provides all the essential details of the colorful culture, the cuisine, accommodation, attractions, and even maps of the places. This guide will tell you about the exclusive shopping you must do in a place along with its specialitis in arts and crafts too.

  1. India and Sri Lanka, special places to stay

This guide book is designed specially to serve the tourists who are interested in culture, style and people, and it also tells about the manner in which guests are treated in these places and in what condition.

  1. India, DK Eyewitness Travel Guides

The travel guide to India with most colorful and beautiful pictures, enough to entice you to go there. With its easy to understand maps and detailed information of places, the guide serves the tourists best. It also provides a proper listing of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops along with the prices, and it also has listing for entertainment like theater, music venues, cinemas, and clubs.

  1. A south Indian Journey

This guide book is basically a personal experience of the writer, broadcaster Michael Wood, who went on a trip to South East India, and has mentioned his experiences and observations in the book for travellers' benefits.

  1. Lonely Planet India

One of the most widely read Guide books, Lonely Planet's guide book on India provides essential details to a traveller about the places, with maps, accommodations, restaurants including food reviews, festivals, pictures and arts and crafts. A traveller friendly guide, it also warns people from acute weather conditions and other problems.

  1. Trekking Holidays in India

This adventure travel guide will provide you all the details about the mountain ranges in the Country, from Himalayas in the North to the Western Ghats in the South. The book acquaints a reader to the different adventure sports like trekking, hiking, camping in various mountain ranges, along with visual guides for each trek and also about first aid and safety concerns.

  1. Heritage Holidays South, West and East India

This amazing travel guide provides wonderful travelling destinations for tourists in South, West and East India along with colorful pictures and maps. The book also provides historical details and informations regarding accommodation, conveyance, transportation, cuisine, and even glossary of Indian words , especially for foreign tourists.

  1. Goa, A Good Earth Guide

This guide book gives detailed analysis of Goa's jubilant spirit, its golden beaches and the amazing delicacies that a traveller must try on a trip. It also provides necessary information about the oceans, rivers and Arabian Sea where many sports like diving and boating can be tried along with sights of dolphins. You can find proper information of the architecture and important buildings also making a tourist's itinerary easier.

  1. Frommer's India

This ultimate Guide book, will tell you all about the different colors of India, whether you want a trip to the beaches or the palaces and forts of Rajput Era. The spiritual to the religious all aspects of the country are mentioned and provided in this guide book. The guide will also tell you about the basic language and etiquettes to be used with locals along with bargaining tips. You can also read personal reviews of various tourists.

  1. Enjoying India, The Essential Handbook

The book provides a detailed guiding and suggesting study of touring in India, from what to wear to how to behave. The guide tells about Indian etiquettes and religious concerns and tip the readers to respect that. Also tells how to bargain and what to buy or to eat. Various modes of accommodation and transportation are also provided.

There are many travel books on India, under literature also, written only to enjoy the Country's locales and regions and integral culture and heart. Some of the highly recommended of these books are:

  • The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia, written by Paul Theroux

  • India: A Portrait, written by Patrick French

  • India in Slow Motion , written By Mark Tully

  • Eat Pray Love, written by Elizabeth Gilbert

  • A Fine Balance, written by Rohinton Mistry

  • Shantaram, written by Gregory David Roberts.

Last updated on : Sept 28,2011.

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