Top 10 Travel Tips for Delhi

The main administrative and commercial hub of India, Delhi, is also a heritage city. Here you will see, some of the most popular and beautiful buildings and structures of the country, while also can explore the history of the country through its colonial structures, and the museums.

Delhi is a remarkable place for tourists in terms of exploring an authentic land, but it is essentially important to beware of the few drawbacks of the place as well. They say that prevention is better than cure, so prevent any mishappening or bad experience on your Delhi tour, and have a memorable time.

10 Important Guidelines for a Delhi Trip :

  1. First of all, it is very important for any tourist to know, that summers in Delhi are extremely hot, you can call them unbearable. The temperature increases to 45 to 46 degrees and people get heatstrokes as well. In case you are planning a summer trip, keep water bottles with you, and drink as much water as you can. Keep yourself hydrated in many ways and protect your skin from sun. And if you want to enjoy the city, without worrying about weather, then plan a winter trip, from November to February, which is extremely delightful.

  2. Make sure to carry all your important documents with you, on your Delhi trip. Keep the visa, passport, tickets, identity proof, license and other permits, with proper xeroxed copies. You may need them at various places. Also carry adequate money and all your ATM or credit cards, but safely.

  3. In Delhi, you need to be extra careful of the touts, and shopkeepers who have a habit of charging more. The cabbies also will ask for unreasonable prices, doubled or tripled, for the foreign tourists, try to bargain with them. And be extra careful on the roads, with your luggage, as the pickpockets can ruin all your tour excitement and expectations.

  4. Delhi roads are very popular for accidents and man holes. This is another thing you need to take care of. Abide by the traffic rules, and cross the streets properly. If you are driving, then do not try to overtake another vehicle, and follow the speedlimit. A safe trip is a preferred trip.

  5. Delhi is not considered as a very safe city, especially for the women, so try avoiding late night outings alone, and do not trust a stranger easily, because the ratio of the helping friendly people is equal to the rude, over friendly ones. Also avoid revealing clothes, as the eve teasers are also a popular sight on Delhi roads. Indian clothes would help more in blending.

  6. On your Delhi tourism, take care of your health . There are all kind of cuisines in the city, that the small and big restaurants serve to the tourists, but usually the food is very spicy, as preferred by the locals. So request for the moderate food, and try not eating from the road side stalls. Always drink bottled water, as the tap water might disturb your system.

  7. On a Delhi tour, if you are on a spree to visit all the religious places, then follow the proper conduct of the places. Mainly all the places would require a covered head and bare feet, so take care of the traditions and enjoy the beauty and ambience of the holy places.

  8. Delhi is a heritage hub as well. You can see a lot of buildings from Mughal and Rajput eras, and even the British architecture from colonial time, cab be witnessed. Visit all these place to make your Delhi trip, an absolute experience. But you must also take care of the fake tourist guides, who walk about these places, and will charge you for their false stories.

  9. Delhi asks for an exclusive shopping trip as well, and you must take a visit to all the major Emporiums, and market streets, in the city. A visit to the famous Delhi Haat is a must, but while shopping in the street areas, you must take care of the prices, as the shopkeepers charge unreasonable prices, and you must bargain. But do buy the amazing junk jewelery and colorful clothes from these markets.

  10. On your Delhi tour, you should be prepared for any type of emergency as well, so always keep the important emergency dials, of the city. The Police can be reached at 100, the fire department at 101, and the ambulance at 102. If you will take care of these things, and be on your guard, then your Delhi trip is going to be an extremely amazing experience.

Last updated : Dec 14, 2011.

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