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Andamans are a group of islands in the Bay of Bengal, to the south East of India. Together with the Nicobar Islands, they are a cluster of around 600 islands, which are amazing tourist attractions, because of their scenic beauty, charming locales, isolated beaches and peaceful haven.

The tourism is slowly building in the islands, though you would , at some places, find an absolutely untrodden and unexplored charm. The place is best known for its amazing islands, beaches, cruise ships, limestone caves and marine park. All these places attract the major tourist attention towards the place.

The proximity to Myanmar and Thailand, also make the islands offer cruise ship journeys to the lands. Being a separate land from the country, the islands have a very different culture and language. There are also tribal groups of people who keep their distance from the main town and from the tourists.

On an Andaman tour, you must shop for the amazing coral handicrafts and tribal jewelery and art pieces. It also has some nice spices which you can shop for, and coconut dishes. The islands and the beaches of  Andaman are extremely blissful, and here you can also enjoy a lot of adventure sports. Also explore a marine life of Andamans in the Aquatic Museum, and eat amazing sea food.

Andaman tour packages, offer a wonderful opportunity through which you can have a trip to the place, and that too very convenient. You will not have to organize anything at all, and the tour operators will do all the arrangements for you. Choose your favorite package and take off for a memorable journey.

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Last updated : Dec 21, 2011.

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