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About Uttar Pradesh

Popularly referred to as UP, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is the fourth largest and the most populous state of India. It is also home to the ethereal Taj Mahal and is among the most visited states in the country. With most of the tourists in India heading for this state, it seems everyone wants to know about Uttar Pradesh and its culture.

Everything about Uttar Pradesh speaks of history, culture, vibrancy and modernity, thus making it a great place to visit during your India tour. In fact, there is so much to say about Uttar Pradesh that it is impossible to exhaust all the information at one go. Speaking about the history of Uttar Pradesh, it is said to be the place where the Sama, Yajur and Atharva Vedas were composed. Besides, Uttar Pradesh also claims a deep connection with Lord Rama who is said to have ruled from Ayodhya.

Uttar Pradesh also boasts of the holy Hindu cities of Varanasi, Mathura, Haridwar and Allahabad. The Kumbha Mela that is held every 12 years is another attraction of Uttar Pradesh. The state is also known for its unique cultural set up and really offers a lot to all its visitors. There is so much to know about Uttar Pradesh and its people that a visit to the state is a must.

Speaking about Uttar Pradesh, we should not forget to inform that it also boasts of a varied wildlife population and has four animal sanctuaries to boot. The colorful festivals are also an added incentive for every visitor. Overall, to know Uttar Pradesh you have to visit and experience it yourself. India Travel Portal offers all the information you need about Uttar Pradesh. Do take advantage of our services and help us script a wonderful vacation for you. Read More

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