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Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Nestled amidst the Himalayas in northwest India is the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh with an interesting landscape that is part hilly and part plain. As a result it has been divided into two parts, namely the hilly Northern Himachal and the plain Southern Himachal. Home to many beautiful hill stations and lakes, Himachal's natural beauty has always been the main boost to its tourism sector. In fact, its popularity dates back to the British colonial period when it was one of the favorite summer retreats for the British officers. Even today, tourists both domestic and international continue to visit Himachal Pradesh to enjoy its beauty and amazing cultural fabric.

The Himachal Pradesh tourism sector has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. Though it does not fall on the heavy tourist traffic route, Himachal Pradesh still has many takers who would like to escape to a destination where solitude and nature would be available in plenty. In other words, this beautiful state is fast making a splash in India's tourism sector. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism department has also done its bit to promote the state in a decent manner.

The most famous place in Himachal Pradesh is its administrative capital Shimla, which is an excellent combination of beauty and old British charm. Other places to visit in Himachal are Chamba, Kullu, Mandi and Kangra. Numerous fairs, festivals and adventure tours are important facets of Himachal Pradesh tourism. Moreover, the state also has some important Buddhist pilgrimage sites that add to the coffers of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism sector.

Himachal Pradesh is truly a feast to the senses. Do visit this wonderful state with India Travel Portal and enjoy a vacation worth remembering. Read More

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