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Golden Triangle Tour Reservation

India has always projected itself as an attractive destination, right from the ancient times when foreign traders saw it as a good trading center to the present day when thousands of tourists flock it to enjoy its splendors. Every part of India has its own share of attractions but reservations for Golden Triangle tours are the most sought after. It comes as no surprise because, the golden triangle region consists of the three most important tourist destinations of India - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. In fact, the golden triangle tours are so popular that it boasts of the maximum number of tourists, both domestic and international.

If we talk about the golden triangle destinations, Delhi is the first to be mentioned because as the capital of India it invokes a great amount of curiosity. Besides, it also has numerous historical monuments, attractions and great commercial centers to boast about. Swanky malls, luxury hotels and entertainment hubs also feature heavily on its list of attractions. The next city on the list is Agra, home to the magnificent and ethereal Taj Mahal, which is also its main claim to fame. Agra is also home to elegant forts, palaces and colorful markets that are a feast to the eyes. Jaipur is the last city on the Golden Triangle list, but in no way does it lag behind Delhi and Agra in beauty or variety. In fact it is Jaipur, which provides the element of color to the golden triangle tours. With a rich history, wonderful forts and palaces to boast of, Jaipur is a unique experience in itself.

Speaking of reservations for the golden triangle tour, India Travel Portal offers great packages for this busy tourist circuit. Our golden triangle tours cover the best of what this circuit has to offer. If you are keen to embark on a golden triangle tour, we are offering online reservations right now. In fact, making a reservation for the golden triangle has never been easier. Just visit our India Travel Portal website, fill up the reservation form and allow us to script a grand Indian holiday for you.

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