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Royal Heritage Tour of India

India has always boasted of a rich culture and history that has been etched in golden letters on the sands of time. This country has in fact been the very place on earth where great rulers like Akbar, Prithviraj Chauhan, Shivaji, Rani Lakshmi Bai and Ashoka walked. This accounts for the rich royal heritage India is a proud owner of. A perfect epitome of royal grandeur and elegance, India is truly the perfect place for a royal heritage tour. To keep up with this trend, India Travel Portal announces its Royal Heritage tours that can also be booked online now.

Taking you on a wonderful trip back in time, the Royal Heritage tours give you a fantastic insight into India's rich royal heritage that never fails to mesmerize. However, in this respect the colorful state of Rajasthan is by far the most important royal heritage tour sites in India. What else can beat the grandeur of the courageous Rajputs who gave a new meaning to honor and chivalry? The palaces, forts and monuments that dot the whole of Rajasthan are telling reminders of that era. You can enjoy this wonderful state through our specially designed Royal Heritage tours that are sure to give you a memorable experience.

Stay at some of the magnificent palaces and forts that have now been converted into luxurious hotels that are an excellent blend of tradition and modernity. Feel like a king/queen as you are plied with luxuries and other services. Spread your arms and feel the balmy air as you survey your surroundings from a grand hilltop fort. Surely, nothing can equate this wonderful moment that remains etched in your memory for a lifetime. As you enjoy your Royal Heritage tour, enjoy the famed Indian hospitality and services that befit a king/queen. Savor the delicacies offered and enjoy numerous cultural shows that take you closer the place.

India Travel Portal is offering bookings for its Royal Heritage tours. If you are keen to embark on this memorable journey, just visit our website and fill in the Royal Heritage tour booking form. We are going to take over from there to ensure a great holiday for you.

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