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The South West Union Territory of India, Goa is a place associated with a bohemian lifestyle, fun filled and rejoicing atmosphere and charismatic attitude of people.

The sun soaked and palm surrounded beaches of the place are as charming and ethereal as the Portugal styled infrastructure of houses and old buildings including the ancient churches.

Tourism sector of Goa is very progressive because of the adventure and entertainment it provides to its tourists and with World class resorts, hotels and cruise ships, tourists return to this paradisaical place for holidays.

There are many attractions through which Goa beckons to travel enthusiasts. Following is some useful information about the best time to Goa, major tourist attractions of Goa, things to do in Goa and shopping in Goa.

When to plan a Goa tour?

The Coastal lands and beaches of Goa, have a very tropical climate, and thereby, though the life is enjoyable around the beaches, it is also moist and warm.

The weather is amazing in the winters though. The months of November to February are extremely perfect here, as the winters are extremely biting in almost all the other places of India, and same is the case in summers.

During the months of May to August the other paces are so hot that the beaches of Goa, are a comfort haven for tourists.


The Tourist Attractions of Goa :


  • The Portuguese architecture

The baroque architecture of the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the old church carrying mortal relics of Saint Francis Xavier has made it a World Heritage Site, and witness huge congregation of people every day.

Along with this popular church there are various other churches and buildings in the Old or Velha Goa, like The Church of St. Francis of Assissi, and Se Cathedral, where you can see an aura of historical Goa, through amazing ruins also.

The cities of Tiswadi, Bardez, Salcette and Mormugao, together which are called Velhas Conquistas, also have same Portuguese style infrastructure.

  • Forts and Temples

Various rivers, the forts located at their banks and beach area make amazing picnic sites or provide places with peaceful isolation.

You can have a quiet stroll near Chapora river which also has a dilapidated fort from where splendid sights of the river can be witnessed. A Brahmin temple at Ponda, dedicated to goddess Shantadurga is also famous for its unique geometric architecture.

  • Museums

The capital city of Goa, Panjim has maximum number of museums in Goa, that provides a history and old world charm of the city.

Goa State Museum and Goa Science Centre, both located in Panjim offer various display works , though in absolutely different fields. The former displays the historical crafts and artifacts, while the latter displays modern day technological inventions and scientific objects.

Also, The Naval Aviation Museum in Bogmalo, serves beautifully as a military Museum, with various aircrafts, military uniforms, documents and ammunitions on display.

  • The Marvelous Beaches

Goa is most popular because of its colorful and lively beaches. You have a jovial and different life at these places all together.

With the water sports in progress, and various local beverages on the serve, you can soak up the sun while enjoying waves tickling your feet. Most popular beaches in Goa are, Dona Paula, Agonda, Miramar, and Palolem beach. The beaches also provide you a relaxing time where you can lie down under any palm tree and feel the wind.

  • Festivities of Goa

Along with the major Indian festivals Goa has its own fun filled fairs and festivals which includes, The Goa Carnival and The Monte Music Festival, the former a completely cultural delight full of dancing and entertainment while the latter is an exclusive music affair, where traditional Goan Music fills the atmosphere.

The Goa Carnival takes place for 3 days in February while Monte Music Festival is a 4 day long arty event, with popular music aficionados taking part in the event.The delicacies from the famous Goan cuisine are served during these festivites.

  • The rock carvings

The mysterious and Gothic rock carvings of Usgalimal are a tourist's delight, drawing a lot of attention from visitors, where traces of an ancient settlement have been found through various images of figures, human and animal, on the rocks.

  • Plantations

Goa has brilliant spice plantations to offer in Ponda area and a place where you can enjoy a truly magical view of lush green pastures. The spice plantations also sell their produce like, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, chillies and so on, and hence a tourist can buy best and natural spice directly from these estates.

  • Arts and Aesthetics

The city is already famous for its party culture and discotheques, but it has its own ethnic identity with various art forms authenticating the culture. Along with Indian classical forms of dance and music, there are many Goan forms like Fugdi, Mando and Dulpod, which are music made for dancing, and even Goan trance has got its recognition in the World of music now.

What to do and What to buy?

Tourism in Goa is as much a task of adventure as it is of entertainment. With throngs of beaches and rivers, the place offers various water sports like scuba diving, deep sea diving, snorkeling, para sailing, water skiing, water motor biking, kayaking and many others.

You must try these sports on your Goa tour and stay at one of the luxurious Goa hotels on your trip. You must buy the handicrafts, spices, coconut dishes and cashew nuts in the Goa markets.

A perfect mixture of Western and Eastern culture, Goa is a heaven for tourists where as much entertainment is available as traditional and culture is present.

Last updated: Dec 9, 2011.

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