About Goa

Origin of Goa

A tour to Goa is incomplete without knowing its origin. Goa, also known as Gomantak dates back to the times when the Mahabharata was penned down in the Vedic Period. It is believed that sage Parashuram conceived Goa on the Konkan Coast, creating the land at the confluence of Mandovi and Zuari rivers for the inhabitation of Aryans including himself. Another legend says that once Lord Krishna while strolling on the Konkan Coast played flute, whose music attracted the attention of ladies bathing by the riverside. Lord Krishna thus named the land as 'Govapuri' as the grazing cows (Gov) belonged to the native people.

As Goa became the focal point of spice and cotton trade; it captured the attention of various foreign dynasties including the Portuguese people. It remained a Portuguese colony for 450 years and got independence in 1961 followed by an independent statehood in 1987. Since then Goa is known for its picturesque locations, mesmerising beauty, pristine white beaches and pin-drop tranquillity.

Tourism in Goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination for all the tourists visiting India. Goa tourism provides a perfect break from all the urban chaos. This beautiful coastal state of India is the most enchanting place in the Western Ghats with its green stretches of land and vast number of beaches. Though, Goa has a moderate climate ideal for tourism all through the year, still, the best time for a Goa tour is from October to March. The temperature during this time lies between 15-25 degrees and the weather is pleasant.

Situated on the confluence of seven rivers (the principal ones being Mandovi and Zuari) and the Arabian Sea; Goa has many sobriquets "Queen of the Beaches", "Land of Churches and Temples" and is also called as "The Pearl of the Orient/East" by the western countries. Goa is also a bird watcher's paradise; epicentre of water and adventure sports, and is home to some of the most captivating waterfalls in India. The distinguishing feature of Goa tour is the Coco/Sunny beaches, which are small white sand banks by the seashore. The religious tourists can find a pleasant refuge at the ancient temples and churches in Goa.

The Goa tour renders incomplete without your participation in the Goa Carnival famous for its fun, frolic and music. When it comes to the exquisite cuisine of Goa, then the tourists can go for the simple yet spicy seafood, fish, prawns, crabs and feni/gin. One can also coincide the Goa tour with the local Shimoga festival, a weeklong festival of colours confined only to Goa. The visitors can try their luck at the world-class casinos and also enjoy the vibrant nightlife characterised by the rave parties in Goa.

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