Goa Cuisine, People and Lifestyle

Goa being an ancient Portuguese colony still retains the Portuguese influence in the lifestyle, food and architectural buildings. Demonstrating secularism, Goa gives equal importance to the Christian churches as well as Hindu temples. A tour to Goa introduces you to the culture and tradition of Goa, the dream destination of most of the tourists.

People of Goa

The Goans or the native residents of Goa are known for their vividness, flexibility, religious tolerance and the cooperative behaviour. They are magnanimous and adaptive enough to survive happily. Most of the people adhere to Christianity followed by Hinduism. Contrary to the other parts of India, the people of Goa are exceptionally good in case of religious tolerance, uprooting the religious fundamentalism from Goa.

Cuisine of Goa

Goa is a food paradise for those who are fond of seafood. The basic cuisines prevalent in Goa are Konkani, Portuguese and Nawabi cuisines. Simple yet Spicy is the speciality of Goan food, which is prepared from sea-fruits. The principal Goan dishes are fish, prawns, mussels, oysters, crabs, chourisso (pickled pig's liver soaked in vinegar with tamarind) & vindalho (spicy pork). Besides seafood, liquors (beer, wines, gin and feni) of Goa are also world famous. The vegetarians are also aptly attended by the hotels and restaurants with a range of vegetarian thalis like Marwari Thali, Jain Thali, South India Thali etc.

Lifestyle of Goa

The lifestyle led by the natives of Goa truly reflects the Portuguese influence on Goa since three centuries. Dance, music, art, feni and food are the 'Mool Mantras' of the native Goans. The one term which best exemplifies the lifestyle of the people of Goa is 'Sosegad' derived from the Portuguese root word 'Socegado' which means quiet. They live life wholeheartedly celebrating every moment of their life. Their unique feature is the daily practice of 'Seista' between 1-4 pm when all the shops are shut down. The Goans go by the latest trend and wear fashionable clothes in every social function. The nighlife and rave parties in Goa are quite tantalizing and make the Goans quite vivacious in the evening.

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