Shopping in Goa

The Goa tour is also fascinating as it offers the tourists the opportunity to shop and roam around the traditional, modern and the beachside shopping outlets to gather some memorable souvenirs exclusive to the land of Goa. After sightseeing tour of Goa, the most important task of on tourist's list is the shopping in Goa. Looking to the heavy tourist traffic in Goa every year, many new outlets have come up in the Goan heritage houses, hotels and beach resorts.

Traditional Markets in Goa

To start with, the tourists can plan to shop from the traditional markets located in the small towns and villages of Goa. These markets symbolize the ethnic culture and the cultural heritage of Goa. The two renowned traditional markets in Goa are: Mapusa Market and Anjuna Market. At the Friday Market at Mapusa, you get everything from dried fish and spices to curios and old coins. Managed by and for foreigners, the Wednesday Market at Anjuna Beach offers a unique collection of handicrafts, beachwear, souvenirs and trinkets sold at bargained prices.

Fashion Shops/Boutiques in Goa

If money, for you, is not a problem or you are an extravagant shopper, then the in-house shops at the deluxe hotels and resorts are the ideal shopping places for you. Recently many lifestyle and fashion shops have sprung up in the city in the wake of the fashion awareness in Goa. These fashion shops/boutiques are in general located in the heritage houses in Goa with selected fabric and interior decoration collections available at reasonable prices in Goa.

Local Handicrafts and Souvenirs in Goa

Goa is also known for its local handicraft items and its dexterous artisans. The most popular souvenirs of Goa include terracotta, shell work, bamboo work, papier-mache, brassware, crochet, carved furniture etc. available at the Government and State Emporiums and also the shopping stalls by the beachside or major tourist destinations in Goa. The another must-buy item in Goa is the indigenously produced 'cashew nuts' available at almost every shop in different tastes from plain, salted to masala flavours. The price of these cashew nuts depends on their taste and amount.

Shopping in Goa is a lifetime experience in itself. While your shopping tour in the markets of Goa, you always end up having the exclusive and memorable souvenirs with you making your Goa tour unforgettable!

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