Goa Travel Guide

Make your Goa tour convenient and comfortable with these travel tips:

1. If traveling by the train, attach your baggage to the berth with a chain to save it from theft. Do not accept any food item from strangers in the train/bus.

2. Keep your money, passport-visa and other travel documents (preferably wrapped in plastic to avoid dampness) in a Money Belt tied to your waist to avoid its visibility.

3. Prefer traveler's cheques/ATM cards to money in liquid form as money exchange and ATM centers are available at most of the locations in Goa.

4. Carry a voltage adapter for your personal electric appliances. Also check the voltage before using any electric appliance, as the voltage/power is quite low in Goa.

5. Always keep an identity card handy; mentioning your name, age, blood group, other relevant details and contact phone numbers for use in case of emergency.

6. Beware of touts and never keep your articles unattended on the beaches.

7. Always go for mineral water, fresh seafood dishes and wash hands with soap before having your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

8. Never go for money exchange through private dealers, instead; prefer banks or government/authentic institutions. Similarly hire a metered taxi/motorcycle taxi/auto rickshaw to avoid wastage of money.

9. Keep in mind that possession and trade of drugs (hard or soft) is totally illegal in Goa. If caught red-handed, 10 years rigorous imprisonment in jail and Rs 10,000 fine is imposed on you by the Goa Police without any scope for bail.

10. Purchasing articles made from animal skin of rare and endangered species is banned in Goa so avoid buying such articles from roadside shops or sellers.

11. Always consult a lifeguard while venturing into the sea. Remember that nudity on beaches and public places are prohibited in Goa and punishable under the law. Avoid going for even permissible sex through sex workers due to high risk of AIDS.

12. Keep your driving licence, passport, visa and other necessary documents with you while driving and follow the traffic rules to avoid mishaps and inconvenience.

Medical Precautions

Due to the change of water and climate, the tourists may suffer from chronic/acute stomach upset so they are required to take the necessary precautions and ensure that the required vaccinations are done. It is advisable to plan your vaccinations well in advance, consulting a doctor, before starting your tour to Goa. In India you also require essentially, the yellow fever vaccination especially when you are entering India from an infected area. Keep your feet clean and dry and prevent walking barefoot to prevent fungal and parasitic infections.

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