Top 10 Travel Tips for Goa

A Goa tour is the best thing you can ever imagine in India, on the name of toursim. With the brilliant locations, sun kissed beaches, a raving night life, a Portugal influenced architecture and Heritage buildings and Churches, what's there not to see in Goa.

The various attractions entertain the tourists to the fullest, and that is the only thing people think about, before planning a Goa trip. Yes, that is indeed a thing to get excited at, but beside that, you need to take care of some essential guidelines, and abide by it, only then will your Goa tourism will be a memorable experience for you.

10 important guidelines for a Goa Tour :

  1. Though Goa is great in every season, and you do not fret over sweating or freezing there, you still can make sure that you are avoiding the monsoons, as the coastal places may remain flooded. Do some research for the best availability of resorts in Goa, and make your plans according to that, as the splendid resorts of Goa, is another best feature of the place. Avoid the monsoon season, from July to September.

  2. Approach a travel agent, who can make your Goa trip an absolute delight, with perfect accommodations and plans for you in the wings.  On your trip, you might actually enjoy the arrangements done by the professional agents , without any effort from your end. This will make things easier and more enjoyable for you.

  3. Pack your luggage in the best way you can, with casual clothing to wear on the beach. The weather is mainly moist in Goa, so you can pack cool and airy sun dresses, T shirts, cotton tops, and shorts, and do not forget classic sun hats and sun shades with you, which will add to the charm of the destination.

  4. Pack your footwear , accordingly, so that the beach water can be enjoyed properly, without any uncomfortable burden on your legs. If you will wear sports or formal shoes on beaches, then you might actually be a laughing stock for others, or make things inconvenient for you. Pack some flip flops and enjoy the beaches.

  5. Pack all the other essentials, like first aid, your personal medicines, sun creams and anti allergic cream, which the constant proximity to sea water will make necessary. Sea water has its own cons as well, so if you are constantly in the water , you might get some king of allergy, so be prepared for that.

  6. Hire a local tourist guide to have a glimpse at the various Heritage Sites and tourist attractions, for a complete experience. Goa , beside the beaches, is also popular for its Portugal styled houses and Churches, which a tourist guide will make very interesting for you, with his detailed information.

  7. Carry all your identification documents and license with you all the time, as in a tourist place, in an alien land you don't know what kind of situations might arise. So always be prepared for emergencies and be fully equipped.

  8. Carry all the necessary ATM and Credit cards with you, in case of emergency, but be careful with them, as being a crowded place, you might loose them in Goa. Take care of your cards, money and other possessions in the crowded places.

  9. Visit all the beaches around, and the surrounding forts and villages, to have a very earthy experience of Goa. And also shop and eat in the popular places. Without a local experience, a tour remains incomplete. Shop in the flea markets and talk to the locals.

  10. You must take a ship cruise into the Arabian sea with proper guidance, as without it , the Goa trip is incomplete. These ship cruises are available in packages as well, and provide every necessary tourist facility for you. Experience a proper marine experience through these cruises on your Goa trip.

Last updated : Dec 12, 2011.

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