Top 10 Travel Tips for Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is the land of beautiful valleys, hills, pine and deodar forests, snow clad mountains, a culture of its own, and the warmest of the people.

The amazing tourist hill stations, and top class hotels, will interest you as much as the lovely landscapes and attractions will charm you.

On your Himachal tour, keep some tourist guidelines in mind, and have  a hassle free and absolutely enjoyable trip in the northern valleys of India.

10 Important Guidelines for a Himachal Trip :

  1. For a pleasant Himachal trip, you need to choose the best season. The hilly areas are extremely cold during winter season, and in some areas like Manali and Shimla, it even snows during December and January; so if you enjoy a weather like this, plan a winter trip, or else the summers are extremely pleasant in these hills. But you rather avoid the monsoon months of July to September, as landslides and water logging is frequent in many places.
  2. There is so much to see in Himachal and so much to enjoy, that things might slip from your hands, and hence it is better to approach a professional tour operator, who would not only book a nice accommodation and plane tickets for you, but will also arrange for the best places to be in your itinerary.

  3. Before going to a place, check out the weather and best attractions of that particular area and make sure to be fully packed and prepared for that, to enjoy completely. There are many hill stations, which offer special recreational activities, depending on its weather.
  4. Before setting off for a tour, you must check if you have kept all your required documents, papers and ID proofs properly or not. Cross check for your visa, passport, all the tickets, licenses, ATM cards, Credit cards and, anything else if necessary.

  5. Before leaving, pack your luggage, with proper woolen clothing for the night time, which are considerably cooler, and comfortable casual summer clothing for the days, which are sunny. Pack comfortable sport shoes and skin products for the mountain areas.
  6. Himachal is a very friendly place, especially for tourists, where you will get to see local people indulging in simplest tasks like cooking, taking their cattles and goats for grazing, and working on their fields. Experiencing these daily activities on your trip would be a very earthy feel. Interact with the people and ask them about their culture, this will be a very memorable task.

  7. Check out most of the tourist attractions on your trip, and shop and eat at the best places, but do not over exert yourself, and keep enough time to simply relax and enjoy the serenity of the rustic landscapes, after all this had been the first reason to plan a trip to hills right.
  8. If you plan to set off on a driving trip, and planning on taking your own vehicle, then it is strongly suggested to take sturdy vehicles like jeeps, as the roads are rough and not very smooth like the concrete city roads, at least not entirely. So be prepared and get your vehicle serviced beforehand.

  9. The weather of a new place might give you seasonal illness, and the changed water and air, can hamper your stomach, so always be ready for such situations, and keep your regular pills or prescribed medications with you, to fight the illnesses, and have a healthy trip.
  10. The foreign tourists are strongly suggested to keep in contact with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office and Help Desk , and also keep the police number 100, in the phone book, to come over any kind of emergency.

Last updated : Dec 17, 2011.

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