Karnataka Tourism

Karnataka, a state in Southwest India, located between Maharashtra and Kerala, is a state with a rich cultural heritage, rapidly growing cities, natural beauty and charm.

The historical legacy of the Vijayanagara Empire, the tradition of Carnatic music and the forts of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan can be seen on Karnataka Tourism itineraries in India.

You can also see coffee plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful waterfalls and silk textiles, and smell fragrant sandalwood products and incense sticks, on your travels in Karnataka, India.

When to plan a trip to Karnataka?

Karnataka is a place which is extremely hot in summers, so it is best to avoid a tour to Karnataka in the months of May to August.

And the winters are extremely pleasant in the state, as you would enjoy the cool temperature and would feel energetic roaming around, while looking at the architectural delights. The months of October to February are the best months to visit.

Major Tourist Attractions of Karnataka

  • Bangalore

The capital of Karnataka has changed rapidly over the last decade. This city with a pleasing climate established by Kempe Gowda a local ruler in 1537, was a favorite retirement location for senior citizens and was known as a pensioner's paradise in the last century.

With the influx of young knowledge workers, joining the booming software industry in Bangalore and numerous multi national companies setting up offices in this city, new steel and glass construction has risen alongside elegant old bungalows. Pubs, restaurants and discotheques have mushroomed all over the city and traffic jams are common.

However the landmarks of Bangalore, including the beautiful Lalbagh Garens, Cubbon Park, Vidhan Soudha, Ulsoor Lake and Visheshwaraya Technological Museum, remain perennial attractions for tourists to Bangalore, Karnataka.

  • Mysore

This city with an old-world charm, was the capital of the Maharajas of Mysore and is called the "City of Palaces."

The Mysore Palace of the Wodeyar family, the Lalitha Mahal Palace, which is now a luxury hotel, the Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, with its collection of priceless Raja Ravi Varma paintings, the beautiful Brindavan Gardens and the historic St. Philomena's Church, are all attractions of Mysore, Karnataka.

  • Karwar

The location of a beautiful beach in Karnataka, Karwar is believed to have inspired the poet Rabindranath Tagore. The Sadashivgad Hill fort, Durga temple, Venkataramana Temple built in the 17th century known for its paintings, and the Octagonal Church are attractions of Karwar.

The Dandeli game sanctary not far away is an added attraction for nature lovers, when on tours of Karwar, Karnataka.

  • Mangalore

This seaside town in Karnataka is an important port and has a beautiful beach at Ullal.

An important industrial town, with roofing tiles, pottery and boat building being significant industries, Mangalore combines old-world elegance with modern dynamism and beautiful scenery.

  • Bandipur National Park

This wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka is a part of Project Tiger. The thick undergrowth of the Bandipur forest makes seeing a tiger here a rare sight, however pugmarks and tiger calls are commonly seen and heard. Elephants, monkeys, chital, sambhar, squirrels, porcupine and many species of birds can be seen at Bandipur national park in Karnataka.

  • Nagarhole National Park

Situated in the Kodagu and Mysore districts of South Karnataka, Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary was previously the hunting reserve of the Maharajas of Mysore. Herds of Gaur (Indian bison) elephants, tigers, leopards, deer and various birds can be seen at Nagarhole national park in Karnataka.

  • Jog Falls

One of India's most spectacular waterfalls, also called the Gersoppa Falls, can be seen on the Sharavati River in Western Karnataka. This 253 m (830-foot) high waterfall, is divided into 4 cataracts, called Horseshoe or Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer. The falls are a very popular tourist attraction in Karnataka.

Some of the other important tourism destinations in Karnataka are Sravanabelagola where you will see the giant monolithic statue of the Jain saint Bahubali; Srirangapatna known for its fort of Tipu Sultan; Hampi - where the temples and monuments of the Vijayanagara Empire can be seen, Belur, Halebid and Aihole, known for their Hoysala temples; Badami - famous for being the capital of the Chalukyas and Bijapur, one of the Muslim kingdoms of the Deccan, famous for its Gol Gumbaz, the largest unsupported dome in India. You can see all these attractions and more, on your Karnataka tourism itinerary in India.

Emerald beaches, lush greenery, a rich history and a generous touch of modernism are the features that define Karnataka. No wonder tourists are making a beeline for this enchanting state that is truly a wonderful place to be in.

Tourism in Karnataka has been growing by leaps and bounds over the years. Add to it some aggressive marketing by the Karnataka tourism sector that is reaping rich dividends. As a matter of fact, domestic tourists are also getting drawn to Karnataka and giving a big boost to its tourism sector.

Besides its natural beauty, Karnataka is also a big player in the IT sector of India with the capital city of Bangalore leading from the front. The state offers you a great shopping experience with its sandalwood and silk products widely appreciated.

You can even shop for jewelry, spices, handicrafts and wonderful souvenirs to carry back home. Karnataka tourism also opens up a huge portal of history for its tourists. The magnificent temples, monuments and palaces are thrown in as an added incentive by the Karnataka tourism sector.

Karnataka is also famous for its wonderful Carnatic music that soothes you to the core of your being. The late M S Subbulakshmi, one of the greatest exponents of this form of music truly made a huge contribution to its development. Beach tourism in Karnataka is also picking up rapidly with some very beautiful and magnificent beaches on offer.

It much be mentioned that your Karnataka tourism experience would include much more than the features listed above. Choose among the many Karnataka tourism tours offered by India Travel Portal and enjoy a vacation worth a lifetime.

Last updated : Nov 23, 2011.

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