Karnataka Heritage Tours

Karnataka has always been proud of its rich historical heritage that dates back to centuries. In fact, the history of Karnataka still speaks out through the various monuments, palaces and ruins that adorn its landscape. Therefore, it is really not surprising to see many of the tourists opt for Karnataka heritage tours that acquaint them with the glorious though at times turbulent past of the state. It is really wonderful to see them greedily devour all the historical information doled out by the ever-enthusiastic guides and locals. Keeping with the trend, India Travel Portal also announces its Karnataka Heritage tours that offer you a trip like never before.

As part of your Karnataka heritage tour, travel to the historical towns of Hassan, Hampi, Mysore and Belur that would offer you a great insight into the history of Karnataka. The ruins of Vijaynagar, mausoleum of Gol Gumbaz, the monolith of Bahubali, the sculptures of Belur and Halebid are only a part of the whole experience our heritage tours to Karnataka will provide you with.

Karnataka was an important cultural heritage center for centuries and it is really wonderful to see it preserve its old tradition. If you want to experience the rich culture of Karnataka, do enjoy some folk theatre performances that draw heavily from the present and the rich cultural heritage of the state. The Pattadakal Dance Festival held at Pattadakal is a must visit affair for lovers of performing art.

Karnataka is proud of its rich heritage, which very few can boast of. The next time you visit India, do take time off for a Karnataka Heritage tour that would be a revelation in itself.

A wonderfully rich historical and cultural heritage puts the beautiful state of Karnataka truly in a league of its own. No wonder all the heritage tours of Karnataka are selling like hot cakes both on the international and domestic circuit. It seems everyone wants a piece of Karnataka and its rich heritage that never fails to amaze. India Travel Portal is also happy to announce its well-designed Heritage Tours of Karnataka. Offering you a detailed insight into Karnataka's heritage, our tours give you a trip truly worth remembering for a lifetime.

Travel to the historical sites of Hampi, Belur, Mysore and Hassan as part of your heritage tours of Karnataka. Explore the ruins of Vijaynagar, monolith of Bahubali, the mausoleum of Gol Gumbaz besides having a good look at the sculptures of Belur and Halebid.

You can also be privy to the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka as you enjoy its folk theatre performances and other forms of performing art. Buy agarbathis (incense sticks) that Karnataka is famous for along with silk and sandalwood products that are also an important part of Karnataka's heritage. We must not forget to mention about the great delicacies churned out by the kitchens of Karnataka. It must also be mentioned that many of the recipes have been handed down through generations and claim a deep connection to Karnataka's rich heritage.

Our heritage tours of Karnataka truly offer you a vacation worth remembering for a lifetime. Whenever you decide on a Karnataka heritage tour, do avail our services and we would give you the time of your life.

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