Karnataka India Tours

Sprawled over an area of 192000 sq. km on the western side of the Deccan plateau, Karnataka is truly a kaleidoscope of attractions that enthrall everyone who visits it. History, natural beauty, wonderful beaches, majestic historical monuments, temples and a generous touch of modernism - you will find them all in this wonderful state of India. Tourism in Karnataka is now one of its biggest assets that add greatly to the coffers of the tourism sector of the state.

As the wonderful strains of Carnatic music reach your ears and soothes your entire being, walk around the beautiful environs of Karnataka and soak in its beauty and rich culture. The two world heritage sites of Hampi and Pattadakal are wonderful places to explore during your Karnataka sojourn. The wonderful blend of the old and new in Karnataka is another factor that draws curious tourists to this enchanting state. This again offers a great boost to tourism in Karnataka, India.

Karnataka tourism offers you a great shopping experience with sandalwood products, silk and spices being the most sought after things by tourists. You can also shop for handicrafts, ethnic jewelry and wonderful souvenirs as you go around the place. Don't forget to indulge in some great local delicacies as part of your Karnataka India tourism experience. India Travel Portal offers many Karnataka India Tourism tours. Do avail our services when you travel to India and we assure you a truly wonderful vacation.

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