Top 10 Travel Tips for Karnataka

Another South Indian splendor, for tourists, Karnataka is a complete package, where you can enjoy the serene and rustic hill stations, murmuring waterfalls, world acknowledged Heritage Sites, and amazing coastal beauty. Serenade these various aspects of Karnataka tourism, through your well planned trip to the state.

But to make it a memorable experience, you must take care of a few things and make sure to follow thee guidelines, which will guide you in a land as rich as Karnataka.

10 Important Guidelines for a Karnataka Trip :

  1. Karnataka is a place, where you can have a vacation in any season. The summers will be hot here, the winters will be cold and the monsoons will witness heavy showers. But if you plan to visit the coastal places, they are bound to be hot and humid. So plan a trip on your preferred season.

  2. Before setting off for a Karnataka tour, always double check that you have kept all your traveling documents, like your flight papers, your tickets, your licenses, ID proofs, and sufficient money along with the Credit cards. These will help you in any kind of emergency situation.

  3. For a Karnataka tour, you must do your packing according to the season you are going in, and the place. A hill station will require woolen clothing and coastal will require loose cotton clothing. Make sure that you pack comfortable and modest clothes, as India is quite a traditional place.

  4. Always, before going to a new place, you must pack a special kit for yourself, which contains all your necessary medications, first aid and toiletries. Some headache and anti- sickness pills, anti allergic creams, especially for coasts, and bandages, sanitizers, hand washes, facial creams, all must be packed.

  5. A Karnataka tour, needs very acute planning on your part, as you have a lot of places to enjoy and explore here. Just on the name of Heritage Sites, Karnataka is a treasure house. So to make things convenient and comfortable for you, approach a travel agent, who will do all the plannings on your behalf.

  6. Do not miss out to mention certain names in your itinerary, say, Hampi, Shravanabelagola, Jog Falls, Bandipur National Park, Mysore and its palace, and Bangalore. These places will offer you a vibrant and unique picture of Karnataka tourism.

  7. Though the official language of the state is Kannada, spoken by a majority (70% ) of the people, you will also find people using other Indian vernacular languages, like Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, Tamil, Tulu, Konkani, Hindi and English. Get acquainted with a few of these, and enjoy a very Indianized tour in Karnataka.

  8. On a Karnataka trip, you must experience some of the best aspects of its culture, through eating, shopping or entertainment. You can look around the markets, and shop for the exquisite silk saris, and sandalwood carvings. Also check out the Kinnala and Mysore paintings. You must also eat and buy the famous Dharwad pedha .

  9. Karnataka is a hub for cultural and traditional Indian art forms, be it in drawing, music or dance. You must attend a very authentic, Yakshagana show, which is a traditional theater form, or be a part of a Carnatic music event. Other popular forms of music are, Gamaka, a classical form, and Kannada Bhavageete, emerging from the modern poetry. Have a complete experience through these.

  10. Karnataka is a very properly built and maintained state, with some of the India's fastest growing cities, like Bangalore. The state will provide you all the basic amenities and tourist facilities, make sure you have all the important contacts on your tour, such as Police, Ambulance, Tour Operator and Fire Department. This will protect you from any unexpected emergency.

Last updated : Dec 19, 2011.

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