Fairs and Festivals in Kerala

Kerala is famous for its fairs and festivals. Some of the major fairs and festivals of Kerala are listed below:


This annual festival held in August-September every year celebrates the successful harvest and the welcomes the legendary king Mahabali, who returns to see the welfare of his beloved people, after being banished from Earth by Vamana, an incarnation of Vishnu. People decorate the entrances of their houses with flowers; gifts of new clothes are exchanged and a grand feast is prepared on Onam day, with traditional dishes and sweets. Cultural performance of Kathakali and Mohiniattam dance and music are held and snake boat races, a popular tourist event near Allapuzha, are held every year to celebrate Onam.

Thrissur Pooram:

This grand event is held at the Vadakunnathan Temple in Thrissur. Two rows of magnificently decorated tuskers, stand facing each other while drummers beat out a traditional rhythm and representatives of the temples raise colored parasols over the elephants bearing the images of the deities of neighboring temples. It is both an intense religious event and a colorful tourist attraction in Kerala that concludes with a grand display of fireworks.

Snake Boat Races:

The races of the giant snake boats or Chundanvalloms, which can seat over a 100 rowers, as they compete against teams from neighboring villages, are a thrilling sight to watch. The annual Nehru trophy boat race at Allapuzha, the Champakulam boat race at Champakulam and the Aranmula boat race near Chengannur, are all popular events. The chants of the oarsmen as they row in rhythm, the cheers of the crowd and the spirit of competition make for an unforgettable and exciting event at each of these boat races in Kerala held around the festival of Onam.


Kerala has a sizeable Christian population. The festival of Christmas however is celebrated by all in Kerala with gaiety and merriment. Musical events, cultural performances and firework displays mark this annual festival apart from religious prayers and church services in colorfully illuminated churches across Kerala India.

Id-ul-Fitr: All the muslim holy days are observed by Muslims in Kerala, which has a significant Muslim population. Id-ul-Fitr the annual festival that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan is celebrated with particular joy and fervor in Kerala.

Last updated : Oct 2, 2011.

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