Museums in Kerala

Kuthiramalika Museum:
Situated within the Puthan Malika Palace in Thiruvananthapuram, this museum is known for its collection of artifacts of the royal family of Travancore.

Sree Chithra Art Gallery:
This art gallery is best known for its collection of the works of the pioneering painter Raja Ravi Verma, who is known for using western oil painting techniques to depict mythological Indian themes and lifelike portraits of the royal families of Kerala.

Napier Museum & Art Gallery:
This gallery in Thiruvananthapuram is known for its collection of antiques and historical artifacts of Kerala.

Maritime Museum:
Located in Kochi, this museum records the maritime history of India from the Kunjali Marakars of Kerala to the present day, when the Indian Navy guards the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Indo-Portuguese Museum:
Located in Fort Kochi, the he Indo-Portuguese Museum exhibits artifacts that depict the history of the Portuguese traders in Kerala and their influence on the architecture and art of this area.

Tea Museum:
Located in Munnar, which has some of the highest Tea estates in India, the tea museum showcases the history of Tea cultivation and processing in Kerala, India.

Archaeological Museum:
located in Thrissur, this museum showcases the archaeological heritage of Kerala, with artifacts from the Chera rulers of Kerala to the foreign powers including the Dutch, Portuguese and English in Kerala.

Teak Museum:
Located in Nilambur, this museum showcases the teak tree, its plantations, cultivation and multifarious uses in India.

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum:
Located12 km south of Sultan Battery, in Wyanad district, this museum is known for its collection of rare artifacts of Kerala's history including artifacts that date back to the 2nd century A.D.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum:
this unique museum showcases works of art, made from driftwood swept onto the beaches of Kerala by the sea, which have been modified by artists into unique pieces of modern sculpture.

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