Kerala Travel Guide

Travel in Kerala can be a surprising experience for a first time traveler in this state in South India. If you're traveling with experienced tour guides than your Kerala tourism experience is sure to be easier. India Travel Portal offers some tips for travelers to India to ensure that you are well prepared for your Kerala tour.

> English is commonly spoken all over Kerala, so communication should not be a major problem. People are friendly and hospitable and the police is trained to help tourists, since tourism is an important income generating activity in this state.

> A visa is required for entry into India. All Indian consulates are authorised to issue visas to tourists. Six-month tourist visas can be extended further. A visa is only issued if you have a valid ticket to travel to India and provided you clear certain security and background checks.

> Hindu religious shrines in Kerala do not permit foreigners to enter within the temple. Even in the outer courtyard, shoes must be removed before entering. Many Muslim shrines do not permit women to enter.

> Safe drinking water in bottled form is sold in all cities of Kerala. Do check the seal before purchasing water. All hotels and good restaurants will have water purification equipment to ensure their clients health.

> There local food in Kerala might be too spicy for a western palate. Avoid anything that looks too red and if you do eat something that is too hot to handle, try drinking yoghurt immediately or eating sugar, to ease the discomfort.

> Summer can be very warm in Kerala, particularly if you plan to sunbathe on the open beaches. Wearing loose comfortable cotton clothing is advised. A sunshade or hat and sunscreen or sun block is also recommended.

> Malaria is prevalent in some parts of Kerala, particularly after the monsoon when mosquito populations increase. Mosquito repellent is widely available in Kerala. Wearing clothing that covers your limbs to minimize the risk of mosquito bites is also a useful precaution.

> All basic medicines are cheap and easily available over the counter in chemist's shops in Kerala. However if you normally take any medication, do bring it with you when you travel to Kerala, since trade names of locally available medicines will differ from the names of the medicines sold in other countries.

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