Top 10 Travel Tips for Kerala

 'God's Own Country', Kerala, is a green paradise, where a tourist can simply get lost at the brilliant riversides, mesmerizing plantations, and splendid hill stations.

Kerala's charm lies in its backwaters and marine life, where a simple experience on a houseboat, will make your trip a luxury experience.

A Kerala trip will be an absolutely amazing experience for you, if you take care of certain things, and make sure to see all the authentic faces of the brilliant town. Do follow these guidelines and make your trip, a memorable experience.

10 Important guidelines for a Kerala trip:

  1. Choose for the appropriate season to have a trip to Kerala, and this is , anytime of the year. Yes, the climate of Kerala is amazing throughout the year, though some people would not prefer a monsoon trip, so you can avoid July to September, but then the rains in Kerala are surprising enough. Be on your guard.

  2. Kerala offers many things to a tourist to appreciate, so it is better if you take help of a professional tour operator, who can take you to the best places of the coastal land, and arrange an accommodation in the most comfortable resort or house.

  3. Before leaving your sweet home for a Kerala trip, make sure and cross check, that you have kept all your documents with you, which are essential for a tourist , in a new place. Your visa, passport, tickets, license, ID proofs, and proper xeroxed copies of these are the must, while the copies must be carried all the time, you are out on your trip.

  4. Do take special care of your finances. You do not want to miss out on any special experience in Kerala, so keep adequate money, or credit and ATM cards. You are also advised to keep your cash in well safe places, and never carry a lot of ready cash with you.

  5. Your Kerala trip, demands you to be a little careful , when it comes to your behavior. The people are the warmest and best hosts, probably in the entire country, but they are a little traditional and a matriarchal society. So while on your Kerala trip, you need to look out for your behavior, your tone and the way you greet a lady.

  6. Kerala is big on modesty, especially female modesty, so if you are looking for a hip party along the beaches, soaking up the sun, while drinking, you rather look for some other place. Kerala's beaches are the most serene places, where you can enjoy sun and drinks both, but no nudity and no alcohol. Coconut water is available for you.

  7. The female tourists should avoid, shorts, or revealing clothes, and wear comfortable dresses that cover their knees. While male tourists are also suggested to not take off their shirts at every other beach. Females are treated with utter respect in Kerala, so talk politely, and honor their culture and values. You can pack cotton shirts and skirts, and even loose baggy pants, which will be comfortable in the coasts. But also make sure to pack appropriate rain gear and umbrellas, as you don't know when the unexpected shower might greet you.

  8. The food in Kerala, is spicy and specially sea entities. You must try the exotic and delicious sea food here, but in case you can't eat spicy food, then you can help yourselves with amazing vegetarian food as well. The eating conduct is also quite defined, especially in public areas. Since you are supposed to eat with hands, washing them before and after eating is important, and when you eat in a local place, in the banana leaf, you must dispose the leaf by folding it once, do not leave it at the place you were eating.

  9. Kerala is most popular for its spice plantations and backwaters, so you must enjoy a boating ride, and a estate stroll on your Kerala tour. The boating is one of the most popular activity in Kerala, but you must take care of all the safety measures, and insist upon being given a life jacket, as most of the water bodies in Kerala are deep.

  10. On your Kerala trip, you must take care of sudden incidents, accidents and police interventions. The security of tourists is tight, because of the Mumbai attacks, that happened some years ago. So always keep some emergency contact numbers with you, in case you need them, like Kerala Police, 10; Flying Squad Emergency, 100; Fire and Rescue Service , 101; Medical Service, 102; and Emergency Ambulance, 108. May you never need these numbers on your Kerala tour, but even then save them in your phone book, and have a safe Kerala trip.

Last updated : Dec 13, 2011.

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