Top 10 Travel Tips for Leh Ladakh

The northernmost region of Indian subcontinent, Kashmir, has always been considered as a paradise on Earth, and it is indeed beautiful, but to explore something challenging, you must take a trip to the land of high passes Ladakh, in the same neighborhood, and Leh, its largest city.

These places will provide you an experience that every traveler craves for. But the lands are as dangerous as they are charming, so you need to take care of a few things, on your Leh and Ladakh tour.

10 Important Guidelines for Leh Ladakh Tour :

  1. Firstly, you need to choose the appropriate season, to enjoy your trip, as in extreme winters, most of the passes are closed because of heavy snow fall, so you won't be able to explore all the charming locales in such a case. Hence avoid planning your trip from November- January, and trod on the mesmerizing high passes of Ladakh, in any other season, preferably April-June.

  2. A Ladakh tour can become more enjoyable if you have someone to guide you on your trip, so hire a professional tourist guide, especially for the sublime valleys, which would make it a little difficult for you, to enjoy the best sites with convenience. The guide will take you to the best places, and help you in the dry barren ridges.

  3. Before going on a Ladakh tourism, you need to do all the arrangements of your survival, a.k.a. accommodation. Either book a tourist bed and breakfast or rental in a city area, or inquire for the local camps. Be prepared before your adventure begins. You can also take your own camping equipments with you, to avoid any surprising problems.

  4. The lands of these places, will undoubtedly make you experience a thrill and excitement, but you would not be able to enjoy all this if you are not clothed accordingly. If you have chosen somewhat cooler time, be sure that you are packed in all the necessary woolen and comfortable layerings, or else take a summer tour to this land which is not entirely warm in itself, and pack your most comfortable T shirts, trek suits and jackets for night weather.

  5. The mountains, the hilly climbs, the glacier areas, and the barren lands, all will make it slightly difficult for you to walk comfortably, if you are wearing fancy shoes, or heels. So do not make a mistake and equip yourself with comfortable trekking or sport shoes, and make your mountain climbing and trekking a delightful experience.

  6. The main tourist circuit of the area, is not very big on markets and shops, so in case you require an antiseptic cream or a tissue paper, it would become a little difficult for you to find such providers in the middle of a trek, so kindly carry with you, all the necessary items that you would be requiring, for say, first aid, a sewing kit, water bottles, and most importantly tissue roll.

  7. The places are very popular for mountain biking, but do not take this lightly, as the roads are literally dangerous. Only a very trained biker can ride on such roads, as in some places the roads are almost inexistent. Do not go on impulse, observe the roads properly and then make your mind to try a dangerous thing. And in case you are taking your own vehicle, get it serviced properly, besides the fact that you will get a lot of mechanics there.

  8. The place is also high on military guards patrolling the place, and you do not want to play smart with them. So don't overtake any of them, and try not to cross their paths, as the security of the areas being very tight, the military people are bound to suspect anyone who is not a local. Make sure not to get under suspicion.

  9. In Leh and Ladakh, you will encounter a very unique culture, with people of many religions, like Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and native Tibetans, do not forget to observe their culture, their gompas, monasteries and temples, and even don't miss a chance to interact with them, who knows they know the global English language. So experience the best part of the regions on your trip, to make it a complete experience.

  10. While taking a Ladakh tour, you need to keep in mind, that it is a place , big on security, being close to border areas of the country. So in order to have a safe and healthy trip, to these charming locales, keep all your identity documents, and permits with you all the time, in case of emergency. If you abide by the rules and culture of the place, you are promised a most wonderful time of your life in Ladakh and Leh.

Last updated : Dec 12, 2011.

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