Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Khajuraho is undoubtedly the most important tourism destination in Madhya Pradesh. This World Heritage Site, with its extraordinary carved temples, is an inevitable destination for any tourist coming to India. The erotic carvings on the temple have drawn the attention of the world.

Endowed with unparallel scenic beauty, Madhya Pradesh is home to two of India's best national parks (Kanhha and Bandhavgarh) are located in this state. Tourism in Madhya Pradesh is gaining great momentum as the place is being exposed to the travel world on a large scale. Among the many attractions of the state are the fort of Gwalior, the historic city of Bhopal with its big mosques, parks, and lakes and the world famous Buddhist site of Sanchi. Magnificent mountain ranges, tortuous rivers and long stretch of dense forests difficult to penetrate offer a unique and exhilarating landscape combined with an abundant wildlife in sylvan environs.

Madhya Pradesh is home to almost all the great religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. Numerous monuments, stupas, intricately carved temples, forts and palaces adorn the different parts of the state.

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