Rajasthan Eco Tour

An Eco tour, basically, enables a tourist to get acquainted with the authentic and traditional culture of a place, that involves its flora, fauna, major attractions, specialties and cultural inheritance. You get to see how diverse and rich one particular place is, through this tour and also focus on the natural and ecological aspects of that place.

A Rajasthan Eco tour will be an absolutely enthralling experience for travel enthusiasts and especially those people who have attachment towards natural and cultural authenticity of a place.

In Rajasthan Eco tour, you can have trips into the local villages, in the houses of local people where you can get an idea of how the people live there, how they survive, what is their source of income and survival, and with these people only you can hear tales of old world, full of Rajasthan's royalties and folk world. You can also have a look into the traditional arts and music, with these people, who live attached to their roots.

You will be going on camel rides in the desert and have an experience that you can only have in Rajasthan. The deserts have their nomads, who earn their living by working on traditional arts and crafts and simply by playing traditional music for tourists. Away from the crowded cities and city noise, an Eco tour will take you into the untrodden wild areas of the place, or the ancient forts and palaces of Rajasthan that will provide you an experience of a different world.

You can also have a very earthy experience by getting yourself involved into these various traditional activities, say, handicrafts making, antique jewelery making, farming and dancing with the people, and listening to the old stories while sitting in a camp fire in the night. An Eco Tour experience brings you a very satisfactory feeling and gets you close to nature.

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