Rajasthan Handicrafts

Rajasthan is the state that is the richest in India in terms of handcrafted items. There are artisans in every village of Rajasthan to create exquisite handmade items. These artisans are masters in creating brilliant artifacts from stone, clay, leather, ivory, lac, brass, gold, textile- the list is long. These handmade items are integral parts of the life and culture of Rajasthan. The state can really boast about its abundance of craft making skills.

Today Rajasthan handcrafted items have an international market all to itself. They’re making a significant contribution to India’s export.

Stone sculpting
Rajasthani craftsmen are the best in stone carving. They are excellent in craving statues, forms and figurines from marble and stone. The best work of Rajasthani workmanship can be seen in the many temples and palaces of the state. Perhaps the temples of Dilwara in Mount Abu are the best examples of excellent masonry skills of Rajasthani craftsmen.

A wide variety of statues of Gods and Goddesses, domestic utensils, showpieces created by the artisans are available in both the local and international market.

Rajasthan is full of vibrant colors. People of Rajasthan are always seen wearing vibrant colored clothes. The textile of Rajasthan is specially appreciated for brilliant color and prints.

Rajasthan produces both cotton and silk clothes. Cotton is produced by the Julaha caste in Rajasthan. The Kota saris made in the Kaithoon village in Kota district fetch good price in both domestic and international. Both cotton and silk are used extensively in making these saris. Rajasthani garments are also famous for work of sequins.

The Bandhani work of Rajasthan is particularly popular worldwide. Bandhani involves the most complex tie dying process.

Carpet making is another thriving industry in Rajasthan. In recent time Rajasthani carpets have won the heart of international customers for their varieties. The carpets made in the different parts of Rajasthan are an important export item of the state.

Woolen carpets from Bikaner, Jaipur and Tonk are particularly popular in the domestic and international market alike. These carpets are hand knotted in Persian style.

The potter caste of Rajasthan is called the Kumbhars. They are particularly skilful in giving shapes to clay. The blue pottery of Jaipur has earned special recognition worldwide. The main colors used in creating blue pottery are blue, green and white and these are appreciated worldwide for their beauty.

Artisans of Rajasthan are particularly skillful in creating excellent quality silver and gold jewellery. Rajasthani people are always seen decked in heavy and elaborate jewelry. Kundankari and Meenakari jewelries have earned worldwide fame for Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is also famous for wood crafting. The artisans of Shekhawati are particularly skillful in craving figures from woodblocks. Rajasthani ‘kathputlis’ are famous worldwide. Apart from ‘kathputlis’ one can also find a wide range of decorative cravings for windows, chairs etc in the state.

When you are in Rajasthan you can’t ignore indulging yourself into the variety of artworks available in the state. Shopping at the local market, directly from the artisans, is an experience in itself.

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