Fairy Queen Train Tour

The Fairy Queen train is the world's oldest steam locomotive in operation. Counted amongst the most popoular heritage trains in the world, the Fairy Queen made its maiden journey way back in 1855 for the British East Indian Railway. The heritage train starts its fabulous 2-day trip from New Delhi, the historic capital of India, and takes you in one of the finest tiger reserves of India at Sariska, Rajasthan. If you ever desire for a memorable heritage train tour, the Fairy Queen is just a right choice for you. India Travel Portal offers Fairy Queen tour booking, which promises unlimited fun and excitement for you. Please inform us about your plans for Fairy Queen train tour in advance, and we will take care of all your tour and travel requirements.

The Fairy Queen train has a single A/C passenger coach with 50 comfortable seats on which guests can recline and enjoy the ride from Delhi to Alwar and back. The pantry coach on Fairy Queen offers excellent dining arrangements, serving authentic Rajasthani cuisines to her 50 privileged guests. The additional attraction on the train is its lounge in the front of the passenger coach fitted with a large glass window, which offers a beautiful view of the Fairy Queen engine bogey as it puffs away and steams across the countryside of North India from Delhi to Alwar. Passengers are welcomed in traditional Rajasthani style on their arrival at Alwar by smiling and colorfully dressed women with flower garlands and traditional tikas. As the 2-day tour on the Fairy Queen heritage train is a day journey, there is no overnight stay on the train. From Alwar, passengers are transferred to the famous Sariska Palace Hotel in the wilderness of the Sariska National Park. In the evening, a colorful cultural program of folk dances and music is arranged at the hotel for your entertainment. Truly, a short 2-day Fairy Queen Tour is worth a try for people looking for wholesome fun and excitement in the land of valiant Rajputs, as Rajasthan is popularly referred to.

The 2-day tour on the Fairy Queen to see the heritage and wildlife of Rajasthan promises to be a unique and unforgettable train journey for you. Enjoy an exciting Fairy Queen Train Tour to discover the fascinating natural animal world of Sariska Tiger Sanctuary and enjoy the beautiful glimpses of the colorful countryside of Rajasthan, which never fail to mesmerize their visiotrs. So if you are planning an India Tour, don't forget to include the exciting Fairy Queen heritage train tour in your itinerary, as a short 2-day trip on this oldest heritage train of the world would surely be a lifetime experience for you.

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