Rajasthan Museums

Rajasthan museums are among the top tourist attractions in the state that has had a chequered history and witnessed lots of wars and cultural movements. The leading museums play an important role in making tourists acquainted with the finer aspects of the desert state’s culture as well.

Government Museum, Albert Hall in Jaipur

Government Museum, Albert Hall is located at Ram Niwas Bagh. Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II started the work for the museum and it was completed by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II. Col. Sir Swinton Jacob had designed the museum – Prince of Wales Edward VII laid the foundation stone of the museum on 6th February, 1876.

Lt. Col TH Hendley was the earliest honorary secretary of the museum that was set up on 21st February, 1887. The museum has 24,930 exhibits in all but the most important ones may be listed as below:

  • Egyptian mummy from 322-200 BC
  • Bronze from Nepal and Tibet
  • 16th century AD golden carpet from Persia
  • Sculpture, handicrafts and paintings from Rajasthan

Government Museum, Jodhpur

The government museum at Jodhpur is also referred to as Sardar Government Museum. It is situated in Ummed Bagh. It was set up during 1909 before its formal opening on 17th March 1936. The museum has been named in honor Maharaja Sardar Singh. Its collection could be categorized into the following:

  • 397 stone sculptures
  • 32 metallic objects
  • 10 inscriptions
  • 178 arms
  • 1951 small paintings
  • 111703 coins
  • 12 terracotta objects
  • 4107 miscellaneous pieces

Government Museum, Bikaner

The Government Museum at Bikaner was opened initially for public use on 5th November, 1937 by the then governor general of India, Lord Linlithgow. It was later on transferred to the present building. The museum has an impressive collection that may be mentioned as below:

  • 71 stone sculptures
  • 27 metallic objects
  • 10 inscriptions
  • 574 arms
  • 192 small paintings
  • 22241 coins
  • 124 terracotta pieces
  • 1108 pieces of Rajasthani art, textiles and crafts

Government Museum, Ajmer

The government museum at Ajmer is situated at a fort that was built under Mughal Emperor Akbar’s supervision in 16th century. The Central British Administration had instituted it as Rajputana’s provincial museum and it was inaugurated formally by Major Colvin on 19th October, 1908.

The museum’s first superintendent was Pandit Gauri Shankar Hirachand Ojha. It has a commendable collection that includes the following:

  • 652 stone sculptures
  • 149 small paintings
  • 84 inscriptions
  • 75 arms and armors
  • 3986 coins
  • 363 terracotta pieces
  • 18 metallic objects
  • 128 pieces of Rajasthani art and craft and pre-historic questions

Government Museum, Bharatpur

The Government Museum at Bharatpur is located in Lohagarh Palace. It was set up on 11th November 1944. Following are the major features of its collection:

  • 581 stone sculptures
  • 670 coins
  • 10 inscriptions
  • 1966 weapons
  • 120 terracotta pieces
  • 196 small paintings
  • 13 metallic objects
  • 861 pieces of Rajasthani arts and crafts

Following are some other prominent museums located across Rajasthan:

  • Government Museum, Alwar
  • Government Museum, Jaisalmer
  • Government Museum, Dungarpur
  • Bangar Government Museum, Pali
  • Government Museum, Chittorgarh
  • Government Museum, Sikar


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