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Rajasthan is home to many famous tribes of India, who are known for their interesting customs, rituals and other social practices. According to 2001 census, Rajasthan had a tribal population of 56.5 million, constituting about 12% of the state total population. The most famous and important tribes in Rajasthan include the Bhils, Minas, Meo and the Banjaras. Among smaller tribes the Sahariyas, Garasias, and Gaduliya Lohars are worth mentioning. While all these tribes share common traits, it's the differences in their culture and customs, gods and deities, rituals and practices, costumes and jewelry, and their seasonal fairs and festivals, which make them distinct from one another. Visit the famous tribes of Rajasthan to get a first hand experience of their unique way of living and fascinating culture on your Rajasthan Tribal Tour with India Wildlife Portal.

The Bhils and the Minas are regarded as the original inhabitants of Rajasthan, but they are believed to be push into the Aravalli Range because of the powerful Aryan invasions. One of the oldest inhabitants in India, Bhils form the largest tribal group in Rajasthan, constituting about 40 % of total tribal population. Famous for their exceptional archery skills, they are mainly residing in the districts of Bhilwara, Chittaurgarh, Dungarpur, Banswara, Udaipur, and Sirohi. The Minas are the second largest tribal group in Rajasthan after the Bhils and live in the regions of Shekhawati and eastern Rajasthan. The Gaduliya Lohars, the nomadic blacksmiths, were originally a martial Rajput tribe. These tribes derive the name Gaduliya from their beautiful bullock carts "gadis". The Garasias of southern Rajasthan are known for their interesting custom of marriage through elopement, in which a bride price is paid to the bride's father. The Sahariyas are jungle dwellers and are the most backward tribe in Rajasthan. Located in the districts of Kota, Dungarpur and Sawai Madhopur, Sahariyas are shifting cultivators. The Rabaris of the Marwar region are nomadic cattle breeders.

On Rajasthan Tribal Tours with India Travel Portal, you will visit the famous tribal regions of Rajasthan. You may visit the colorful homes and markets of some of these tribes to get an insight into their unique way of life, culture and traditions, and religious rituals and practices. You will also enjoy the interesting performances of tribal music and dances, and colorful fairs and festivals on your Rajasthan Tribal Tours with us.

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