Top 10 Travel Tips for Rajasthan

The land of the Thar, endless estates of desert, a royal grandeur of the palaces and forts of historical kings and queens, and Camel Fair, what a magical land Rajasthan can be for a tourist! 

Rajasthan is a famous state of India, whose cultural authenticity, colorful accessories and markets, impressive Kalbelia dancers and amazing camel rides would give you a perfect vacation time, as well as fulfill the traveling spirit in you.

For a Rajasthan trip, there are some certain guidelines that you must follow, for a hearty, health, and happening tour.

10 important guidelines for a Rajasthan trip :

  1. The first thing that a tourist should know, is that Rajasthan is a desert place mainly, and hence is extremely hot during the day time, and especially in the summer season, the months of May to September. If you want to avoid that, plan a winter trip in November to February, though the nights are breezy, pleasant and magical in every weather.

  2. Consult a travel agent, as the state being so big and diverse, you might not be able to explore all th facets, that it has to offer a tourist. In such a case, a travel agent will take you to the heart of the land, guide you in the best possible way, and look for all your comfort. What else could a tourist require!

  3. Before setting off for your Rajasthan trip, make sure you carry all your documents and permits; visa, passports, tickets and license, because in case you forget them you are creating the first and biggest problem for yourself, to make your trip an inconvenient one.

  4. Pack your luggage according to the weather of Rajasthan. If you are traveling in summers, then pack casual and airy T shirts, shorts, cotton shirts and you can even try Indian Kurtis. Though in case of winters, additionally, carry some jackets and woolens.

  5. You must also carry comfortable shoes, especially for the desert land and do not pack anything with heels, you would not need it. Also pack a pair of  flip ons, to enjoy the comfortable strolling in markets. You can also pack all your accessories like sun shades, scarves and toiletries, especially sun blocks, face creams, anti allergic creams, soaps, hand washes, tissue paper, shaving kit and so on.

  6. Rajasthan is a popular tourist place, be it the lake city Udaipur, palatial Jaipur or hilly Mount Abu, in each place you will find all the facilities that a tourist requires, like proper accommodations, banks, ATM booths and money exchange counters. Have a comfortable trip to Rajasthan, while the tourism takes care of all your needs.

  7. For a complete experience of your Rajasthan trip, you must take a look at almost all the best palaces, forts, markets and attractions of the place, with the help of tourist guides, who will professionally guide you through all the places and give you the necessary information as well.

  8. You must read the tourist guide books, interact with local people and be a part of their traditional activities as well. Respect their values and customs and get painted in the colors of Rajasthan for a while.

  9. Rajasthan witnesses a lot of fairs and festivals, and it is also culturally very rich with its folk dances, music and art forms. Try to have a look at each one of them. The Camel Fair, The Pushkar Fair and The Desert Fair are the biggest attractions of the state, that happens on specific months. Also be a part of a cultural event, say a ghoomar or Kalbelia dance performance or a puppet show. This way you will explore a very earthy Rajasthan on your tour.

  10. Rajasthan is also a shopper's paradise, with colorful chaniya cholis, jewelery, pottery, art and crafts and eateries. You must eat the dal baati churma and traditional Rajasthani thalis on your  trip, and enjoy the original and charming Rajasthan on your visit.

Last updated : Dec 12, 2011.

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