Tamilnadu Tourism

Tamilnadu tourism takes you to a wondrous land studded with jewel-like temple architecture and amazing tourist attractions that were erected at different points of time in history under different dynastic rules such as the Pallavas, Cholas and Pandyas. The fertile valley of the river Kaveri forms the heart of the state. The Chola kings built magnificent temples at Thanjavur (Tanjore) and elsewhere Madurai and Chidambaram are also sites of great temples. The prefix "Tiru" (meaning sacred) to a town indicates the presence of a major religious site.

Tamil Nadu tourism packages with India Travel portal take you to a serene beach country that was an important center of arts, crafts and learning in the ancient times. Thick woods, rare wildlife, floral treasures, plateaus, rock stretches and coastal plains enamor you completely while you experience brilliant Tamilnadu traditions on your Tamil Nadu tourism tours.

Temple dances, devotional music, classical art forms and more entertain you while you discover the golden Tamil Nadu treasures on Tamil Nadu tourism tours with India Travel Portal.

Visit the Government State Museum in Chennai and feast your eyes on ancient Amravati relics; see glorious Kanchiouram temples and trek up the hills of Kodaikanal with Tamilnadu tourism and travel tour packages.

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