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Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

If you are looking for a holiday, different from the regular watching the birds, enjoying the sunsets and luxurious resorts types, Then you can have an adventure tour in the wildlife sanctuaries of India. The country has a lot of options for an exciting wildlife travel, as each of its state has something or other on the name of national park, and preserve a small biodiversity within an enclosed and protected area.

In the central state of Madhya Pradesh , India treasures one of the top 10 National Parks of the country, Bandhavgarh National Park, which besides being a Project Tiger Reserve, is also an extremely delightful natural habitat. You can see a throng of wild animals and scenic views here. Located on the mesmerizing site of Bandhavgarh hills, the park is very popular among adventure seekers.

Attractions of Bandhavgarh National Park

The wildlife
One of the best places to see the amazing Asian tigers, Bandhavgarh takes care of many other animals , including, white tigers, leopards, sloth bears, spotted deers, nilgai, chinkaras and domestic elephants. You will also get to see a variety of birds and reptiles in the park, including the national bird Peacock. All these lovely creatures keep strolling in the sal and bamboo forests of the park.

The Fort
The Bandhavgarh Fort is the property of the Maharaja of Rewa, so one needs permission to see the structure. It is a giant fort, surrounded by many hills, and also has a lot of prehistoric caves inside. Protected by strong walls and then further by cliffs, the fort is a major attraction of the park.

Climbers Point
While exploring the adventure of this exciting place and beholding the wildlife , you can take a breather at this peak point, which is a climb up to the Bandhavgarh hills. Offering brilliant views of the surrounding sal forests, the Climbers point is a nice place to relax and to enjoy a natural beauty of the state.

Baghel Museum
Another property of the King of Rewa, many of his personal belongings are kept in this museum, and besides that many other historical artifacts are also treasured there. This will give you a historical look at the old kings of the central India.

The Shesh Shaya
10th century statues depicting Hindu mythology are what you can see at this place. The statues are of lord Vishnu with the Shesh naga, shading him from above, lord Buddha and a shivalinga, together which makes a popular place in Bandhavgarh, attracting tourists attraction.

Adventurous activities:
The Bandhavgarh Park is a hub for many adventurous activities, and you can have a wonderful time here, not by only looking at the wild animals and appreciating beauty, but by also trying out some challenging things. You can enjoy a jeep safari in the park, where the professional drivers or guides will take you to the best places, and you can also enjoy an elephant ride, enjoying amazing views from there. Besides these a nice trekking trip can also be enjoyed, where you will explore the hills and forest areas of the park.

Also try these:
Nice attractions and adventure are not the only things that are required on a trip, you also need to be a part of the authentic culture of the place by trying the delicious food, and buying some of the traditional items and souvenirs of the place.

At Bandhavgarh you can eat at the famous Jain bhojanalaya, which serves vegetarian food, while non vegetarian can also be had in the resorts. You can stay at the resorts that the park offers or many surrounding resorts of the tourist place. You can also enjoy a cold beer at the place, and have a wonderful time enjoying a holiday.

An adventure holiday in Bandhavgarh will give you both a relaxing time and an adventurous experience amidst the wildlife. So plan a trip and have a nice India travel.


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