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Gaumukh Tapovan

Travel options for an adventure trip in India are plenty and diverse, as you can explore the dangerous passes of Ladakh, mountain ranges and the trekking routes in Uttaranchal, wildlife sanctuaries for the wild animals, and many more. An adventure trip breaks the monotony in your life, and you also get a nice experience of seeing something new and beautiful in such challenging places, while doing challenging things.

Uttaranchal is one northern state in India, which is famous for its mountain ranges, hills, beautiful landscapes, rivers and forests, and this same place is also popular for its adventure trips and pilgrimage trips. Here you can read about one such destination, which covers some amazing adventurous places, and this is Gaumukh. The entire journey, in and around Gaumukh, is a very thrilling and ascetic experience, as you will see such a sublime beauty, which will not easily escape from your mind for a long time. So get ready to explore one of the best trekking spots in India.

Tourist Attractions of Gaumukh Tapovan

The starting point of the entire trip, Gangotri is a sacred spot, where the holy river Ganga originates in Uttaranchal. With brilliant views of Himalayas in the background and thrilling trekking routes, Gangotri is a nice adventure as well as pilgrimage place.

Located at a nice altitude from Bhagirathi river, Uttarkashi is another top most adventure spot in India, where you get to see some really nice temples as well. Uttarkashi is one destination covered in the Gaumukh trek.

On a trek from Gaumukh to Nandanvan, Tapovan is a scenic spot, where trekking is an absolutely challenging and delightful experience. Providing brilliant views of the Shivling peak, this trek leads you to various meadows, filling you with awe of the mountainous beauty. Once in Nandanvan, you can move onto Badrinath, which is another top most trekking spot in the country.

Kedar Tal
This exotic lake, is the base camp for several trekking trails, and is a very rigorous and thrilling destination. Providing brilliant views of the Thalaiyasagar peaks, Kedartal is considered a sacred spot as well.

Bhairon Ghati
This will be one interesting pause on your Gaumukh trek, which has a beautiful Bhairon Temple, and the surroundings will be covered with thick forests. Admire the beauty of this place and rest for a while before moving onto more adventure paths.

Adventurous Activities in Gaumukh Tapovan

A trekking trip to Gaumukh is an experience, full of excitement and amazement. Places full of adventure, challenging treks, walks, and crossings will give you a nice recreational time. On your trekking trip to Gaumukh, you can have a nice camping time at various places, admire the river sites, tributaries and mountain peaks. Also try various water sports like rafting, canoeing and fishing at various tourist places. On this trek you will also come across many temples and ashrams, where you can learn and explore facts and aspects of Hindu religion. Try these things and make your trekking trip a memorable affair.

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On an adventure trip, amazing places are not the only things you look for, you also look for other authentic things, like food, culture, trinkets and souvenirs. Since the place is an adventure route, you will not get luxury hotels here for food, but on the way restaurants and dhabas are scattered every where for the travelers, which sell delicious north Indian food. You can hault at these places and eat some finger licking food. Also buy ancient coins, crafts work, some local jewels, and woolen stuff from the local stalls here. You must remember that drinking is strictly prohibited in religious places like these, so pay heed to this, and enjoy a hassle free trek to Gaumukh.

Make the Gaumukh trip a memorable affair, by being a part of the traditional customs and seeing the best destinations of one of the top most trekking spots in India.
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