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A travel tour, where you would want to have a luxury time, lazing around in your resort, is not the only option in India, in fact, its various mountain ranges, valleys, hill stations, offer adventure also besides beauty. If you are craving to have a fun filled time, full of exciting activities and amazing places, then you can choose to see the wildlife, or national parks of the country.

One such holiday can be had in the Kudremukh National Park, in Karnataka, where you get to see a natural abundance, forests, valleys, flowers and animals, rivers and enjoyable trekking routes. Kudremukh, one of the top most adventure spots in the country, has got its name from the shape of one of the mountain peaks in the park, which appears as a “horse head”. The town is a major Iron Ore producer, while the beautiful park and its surrounding regions are popular tourist areas.

Tourist Attractions of Kudremukh

Waterfalls and rivers
Very important and beautiful rivers of Karnataka originate from this area, Tunga, Bhadra, and Nethravathi, and allows scenic beauty to grow in their laps. Many shrines of Hindu gods and goddesses have been constructed in their vicinity as well, like the popular cave in the area which houses the idol of goddess Bhagavathi. You can also stop by at the iconic waterfalls, Kadambi and Hanumangundi falls, for a while to relax.

Landscapes and valleys
The entire park is a protected area with its breathtaking rustic charm, and though its a hill station, it provides ample amount of interesting activities to have an adventure trip here. Here you will be able to see, mild as well as extreme trekking ranges, while the tropical evergreen forests provide an enchanting aura throughout. The valleys look like a green carpet, spread in vast regions. A trip to this place would be as adventurous as pleasant to senses.

Forests and wildlife
The best part about this trip would be the rendezvous with the wildlife and wilderness of this area. The park has been declared as a Tiger Reserve of India, and many other animals like Malabar civet, sloth bear, wild dogs, spotted deer, can be seen here, on a proper wildlife trip. Do explore the natural beauty of the park, and have an essentially rustic experience in Kudremukh.

Adventurous Activities in Kudremukh

The park has been on top for a long time for many trekkers, as with the adventurous journey, the place offers some really beautiful views to see. Some major trekking routes in the area are, Samse to Kudremukh to Samse, Navoor to Hevala to Kudremukh to Navoor, Navoor to Kudremukh to Samse, and Horanaadu to Sringeri areas, the durations for which are 4 days, 5 days, 5 days and 3 days, respectively. Covering some amazing destinations and attractions of Karnataka, this would be a thrilling experience.

At some places you would get provisions for horse riding also, you can also take your fishing rod with you and try angling in the water bodies. Explore the lands for their culture also, and have a nice time in Kudremukh.

Also try these:
Besides all these popular things, you can also explore the lands for some more, less explored beauties. The region has some natural swimming pools, like Green Spot and Med Camp Pool, to enjoy a nice swimming session. You can also stroll around in the government protected resort area, taken care of by the forest department, while on the the route to Kalasa, many mesmerizing coffee and tea plantation estates are their to behold. You can also see the Lakya Dam and its beautiful surroundings.

The place is full of natural splendors and exciting activities, but on your trip you can try some amazing south Indian food here, while shop for some best quality of tea, coffee and spices in market areas. Food and shopping makes an eternal part of a trip, so do not miss out on these.

Kudremukh will provide a very rustic experience to a traveler, while exploring some outstanding places with just the right amount of fun and adventure. Have a look at the amazing biodiversity in this famous adventure and trekking place.

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