India Gate, Delhi

Adventure can not only be defined through reckless, breathless activities, in fact, through simple and pleasurable tasks also you can find a deep sense of excitement, and satisfy your adventurous spirit. India is one country, which provides you plenty of options for this, as the amazing historical places here will give you a sense of history and also the thrill of tracing something ancient.
The capital city of the country, Delhi, is one of the best places to explore the heritage and history of India. The city is not only a political and commercial hub, but also a major tourist destination here. And one of the top 10 tourist attractions in the city, is India Gate, an artistic gateway and a very important building for the entire nation.

Attractions of India Gate

The Gateway
Built in 1931, by English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, the building was known as All India War Memorial. It is a granite and sandstone structure, which stands tall to 42 ms , as a tribute to all those Indian soldiers who have lost their lives in wars, from history to present time. The structure has been dedicated to show the pride and respect that the country feels for all those soldiers.

Amar Jawan Jyoti
Just under the arch of the Gate, this is a black marble cenotaph, marking the 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier'. A flame burns constantly here, to honor the dead, and over the cenotaph stands a soldier's rifle and helmet. This is the most important attraction of this place, as Amar Jawan Jyoti, or 'The Flame of the Immortal Soldier', is the place where, on each Republic Day, the entire nation salutes these martyrs.

The Canopy
On the same axis of the Gate, there lies an empty canopy, which had been inspired from the Mahabalipuram pavilion of the 18th century. Also designed by Sir Lutyens, the statue of King George V used to stand here, which was moved after Independence to the Coronation Park. The canopy is a sandstone structure with equally intricate design and have been a subject of debate for the government for a long time, as to whose statue should be placed here.

The India Gate has been built on a crossroad with beautiful, clean and properly maintained roads diverting from the gateway, and one of these roads, lead strait to the Rashtrapati Bhawan or President's House. On this very road, the Republic Day parade takes place every year. On an India Gate visit you must come here at the night also, to see the brightly lit up beauty of the place.

The entire surrounding area is maintained by properly trimmed and mowed gardens, which are popular picnic spots. You will also find a lot of vendors, especially ice cream and snacks sellers here. You will also find pools of water here, where earlier, boating provisions were available, though now you can only see beautiful fountains.

Recreational Activities:

In and around India Gate, you can have an amazing picnic time or adventurous learning time, about the history of the country and the architecture. You can bring a picnic mat, lunch; and sprawl yourself under the wide open sky in the lush gardens and just relax, or enjoy the walk in the Rajpath and have a glimpse at the Rashtrapati Bhawan as well. Bring your own games and have an exciting time in the nice place, or try a smooth drive session on the smooth roads here. Do wait for the night lighting of the monument and the entire area, which is undoubtedly the best part.

Delhi Cuisine:
Try everything Indian , from snacks to chaat, from sweet dishes to drinks, from North Indian food to South Indian food, the city offers you delicious items and some really amazing places to eat and splurge on. You can find all kinds of places from cheap to extravagant, try your own preference.

Shopping in Delhi

India Gate is connected to the Delhi Metro routes as well. You can get down at the Central Secretariat station for the long walk on the Rajpath, and you can also take metro rides to various places for shopping. Rajiv Chowk station is closest, for Janpath and the most popular shopping hub, Connaught Place, where you can find high end brands to eating outlets, discotheques to bars. Shop for stylish things here, while Janpath will give you affordable, ethnic and antique jewelry as well as fashionable outfits. Eat and shop to your heart's content, while visiting India Gate in Delhi.

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