Top 10 Beaches in India

For a perfect travel experience, and a relaxing time, one of the most frequent plans, that people make, is a Beach Holiday.  India is one popular country for tourism, where you can have various kinds of vacation, and beach holiday is one of them.

So from Goa to Gujarat, from Kerala to Andaman, plan an exclusive beach holiday in India, and prepare yourselves to get smitten by the wonderful places of the country.

Best/Top 10 beaches of India are :

  • Calangute Beach, Goa

Calangute beach is the largest beach in the entire of Goa, which is a popular place during all the seasons, but Christmas and New Year see mad rush in the area. You can have a quiet, relaxing time on the beach while also try a few thrilling water sports. Enjoy the tasty snacks and coconut drinks on the beaches, and watch the sky turning red with sunset.

  • Anjuna Beach, Goa

Surrounded by a lot of other beaches, Anjuna is also another feather in the wings of Goa, where a throng of tourists can be seen relaxing. From this beach, you can also take a walk to the Chapora Fort, which is actually old ruins of the fort. Enjoy this isolated place, and shop in the famous Anjuna Flea Market, and your beach holiday will be a perfect time here.

  • Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kovalam is actually a village in the southern area , of southern state of India, Kerala, which is popular for its group of beaches, especially Lighthouse, Hawah and Samudra beaches. These are the best places to spend a relaxing coastal holiday in the country, while observing the lives of fishermen, and the port hub. Also visit the lone lighthouse here, and get smitten by the beauty around.

  • Puri Beach, Orissa

Though the city of Puri is popular for its Hindu temples, but the shiny and enchanting Golden Beach of Puri, is one of the best places of the city. Here the tourists like to spend most of their time, and the adventure sports like surfing, will definitely provide you the necessary thrill.

  • Varkala Beach, Kerala

Again a beautiful beach in Kerala, Varkala, is a serene place, where nature is in its most splendid form. And since it has not been explored by the tourists much, here you can have a quiet relaxing time. Watch the beauty of the water bodies and enjoy the feel of the cool sand beneath your feet.

  • Dona Paula Beach, Goa

A perfect romantic ambience is what you get in this Goa beach, where rivers and Arabian sea, all are at their best view. Here you can explore the mesmerizing rock cliffs, and a scenic beauty of Goa, while on the main season , the place is a popular picnic hub.

  • Marina Beach, Chennai

Acknowledged as the second longest beach in the world, Marina has a brilliant stretch, where you can enjoy a quiet stroll, and the sandy shores feel amazing to the soul. You will also be able to see a lot of colonial buildings situated along the beach shore. You can enjoy the crispy, delicious snacks from the stalls, and witness gorgeous sunset and sunrise.

  • Baga Beach, Goa

Baga beach in Goa, is adjacent to the Calangute beach, and is connected in a way, that it is difficult to tell their separation lines. Besides the mesmerizing scenes and tranquility, you can also see the old forts at Aguada and Chapora areas, from here. And though the beach is a perfect place for a relaxed holiday, the weekends tend to get a little crowded here.

  • Marari Beach, Cochin

Located in the amazing Alleppey district of Kerala, Marari beach is a must see place in India. The beach provides absolutely stunning and impressive sights and sites, where you can relax and feel completely blissed. Also enjoy the rustic views and a comfortable stay at the Marari resort.

  • Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram is a district in Tamil Nadu, famous for its rock cut temples, and a few of these splendid  delights can be seen near the gorgeous Mahabalipuram beach. You can see a crowded port life here, along with stone carvings, rock cut Hindu temples and caves. This place draw tourists' attention because of its aesthetic appeal. So have a very arty holiday with the aesthetic appeal of this beach and enjoy a beach holiday in Tamil Nadu.


Last updated : Jan 03, 2012.

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