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Anjuna Beach, Goa

A holiday in India offers you many different options, from hill stations to deserts, from wildlife sanctuaries to metropolitan cities, but amidst these all you cannot ignore the bliss and serenity of beaches, which has always been one of the most popular holiday destination for tourists.

Goa is one such place in the country, which has a string of such amazing beaches, providing you complete fun through its hippy circles, and even serenity in the lonely shores. Explore the sandy lands of these beaches and have a relaxing time on a Goa trip. You can plan a trip to the Anjuna beach, the most lively and crowded beach in Goa, where each day is a party.

Attractions of Anjuna Beach

 The Beach
Though the area is a village place, and is always crowded with tourists and natives, you will still have a nice time at the beach area. With its share of bars, restaurants and shacks, the beach is quite a lively place, and you can sit at the Curly's, a popular beach restaurant, and watch the people having fun here.

The Church
The old St. Michael's Church, founded in 1595, is one of the oldest in the entire country and celebrates the feasts of S. Miguel on 29th September, and Nossa Senhora Advogada on the 2nd week of January. A beautifully constructed church, it is one memorabilia of the Portugal architecture in Goa.

The Fort
In Anjuna, you can escape the hustling life of the village or the beach area, to the isolated and somewhat eerie fort of Chapora, along the sea shore, where not many people come, and that is why it is a favorite haunt for peace lovers.

Recreational Activities at Anjuna Beach

In Anjuna you can do a lot of things, as the area gives you plenty of options for shopping, for adventure and for eating. You can try out many water sports near the beach, like water biking, para sailing, water skiing, beach volleyball, skydiving, and swimming. These activities will provide you a break from simple and common things.

You can also have a nice Eco tour in Anjuna, looking at the villages and their life style. Also explore the markets of the town and their famous shops. One most important and exciting option to try in Anjuna is the outdoor parties and amazing nightlife, people come out to have bon fire musical sessions with some traditional trance, near the beaches.

Goa Cuisine:
Just like in any other place of Goa, in Anjuna also, you will find amazing sea food, and south Indian dishes to eat. You get everything in the restaurants here, from pizzas to pastas to prawns. Do not miss out on coconut dishes, drinks and the popular feni in Anjuna, and take the true essence of Goa.

Some of the most popular places to eat are, Basilico for its amazing Italian, Biryani Palace for the delicious north Indian dishes like biryani, kebabs and so on, the popular Curly's for food and even snacks, Munchies for food, drinks and snacks, Oasis for its cheap but tasty food, and the German Bakery and Zury. Try the places and their amazing dishes.

Grab the souvenirs on an Anjuna trip:
This is one of the most famous beaches of Goa, for shopping, having some very popular weekly markets by natives. The Wednesday Flea market, making Wednesdays a little too much of a trouble to cross, sells Goa's best souvenirs and handicrafts. The Ingos Saturday Night Market, which is decked up with the Tibetan items, and you can also go to the Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar, where you can try tasty food and drinks and shop for amazing beer.

On your trip to Anjuna, buy amazing coconut dishes, curios, handicrafts, spices, coffee, dry fruits, and feni from here.

An Anjuna trip will give you a perfect beach holiday with both, the relaxation of the beach and the gaiety of the fun and liveliness around.

Last Updated on 11 January 2012

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