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Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Everyone has different ideas for their honeymoon; some like the rustic valleys, some like to be party hoppers. While some like to only relieve themselves from the post wedding stress, others want to explore an alien land with their partner. India is one such land, where you get a taste of all these options, though the choice has to be yours.

The southern lands of Kerala, is a paradisaical place for tourists, especially the newly weds, who not only get a quiet serene time here in the middle of natural beauties, but also explore the beauty of a new relationship in a relaxing atmosphere. Kerala's Kovalam is a wonderful beach destination for a perfect holiday time. Here you can taste the lightheadedness of the beaches, while the amazing lakes and water bodies are also nice choices to embrace on your honeymoon. Explore this south Indian beauty on your honeymoon in India and simply relax.

Attractions of Kovalam Beach

The Beaches:
The place is most beautiful for its wonderful beaches, giving amazing sunset views, having eerie lighthouses, and offering an extremely romantic time to the couples, in the less crowded serenity. The Lighthouse Beach, the Hawah Beach and the Samudra Beach, are three most popular beaches here, where you can see nature at its best, take quiet strolls with the waves and also see the coastal life of the fishermen.

Vizhinjam Sea Port
This is the most amazing place in Kovalam, which gives the charm of a port area, while also offer you many architectural delights to explore. A place having the religious symbols of all the religions, like Churches, Mosques, Temples, all together, Kovalam will excite you, much to your wanderer's spirit. The rock cut temples, of Shiva and Parvati, having 18th century sculptures and carvings, are the most favorite haunts of tourists.

The splendid water bodies:
Many lakes and rivers make the place very rustic and close to nature. The Karamana river , 12 kilometers out of Kovalam is at a close proximity to the iconic backwaters. The river itself offers boating provisions. You can also visit the exquisite Vellayani lake, which is a fresh water lake, while also see the Vellayani Durga temple. All these places will give you a very authentic travel experience of Kerala, while also a pure blissful atmosphere for a honeymoon trip.

Recreational Activities :
In Kovalam you not only have the options to see and admire the views, but the same places also offer a lot of activities to the tourists to make their travel experience even more exciting. The beach areas and the rivers, have various recreational activities like boating and surfing. In the safe zone of the river, you also get to have a motor boat ride, which will be a very thrilling experience.

The Vellayani lake also conducts an annual boating festival in the form of a race, for which many international tourists also come. If you are planning a trip during that season, do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this grand affair.

Cuisine of the Kovalam Beach

In Kovalam, you get to eat typical south Indian food, and even better if it is served in the traditional banana leaf. People in south India eat with their hands, and are very particular about their customs, so you can be a part of it and taste the amazing south India cuisine on your Kovalam trip. You can also try the delicious sea food, especially fish fry, which you will get at any area. Chicken and beef fry are also some other options for tourists. In expensive hotels you can order International cuisine as well, like Italian and Chinese, but an ultimate experience will be to try the authentic dishes of the place.

Grab some souvenirs from Kovalam:
Each place in Kovalam, will have a shopping store, full of handicrafts or souvenirs, which you can shop for. Do not miss out on this experience, and give a tangible form to your visit and memories. The beach areas have many Kashmiri stores and handicraft shops, while the Little Tibet Arts, between Malabar and Coconut Groves Restaurant, is a wonderful shop for amazing Tibetan handicrafts and outfits.

On your Kovalam honeymoon, you are getting an opportunity to see, to eat, to shop and to enjoy; just do not forget to capture these lovely moments in a photo album, and you will have a perfect memorabilia of your honeymoon trip to India.

Last Updated on 11 January 2012

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