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Holiday in Jim Corbett National Park


Traveling is one of the best ways to have a break from work and to spend a memorable holiday, as through this, you also get to see a new place. India is a country, which has achieved huge name and recognition in the world of tourism, because of its variety of treats, namely, hill stations, deserts, beaches, wildlife and so on. So plan a holiday in India, and have a great time.
If you have a penchant for wilderness, or wild animals, you can plan a trip to the wildlife sanctuaries of the country, which will be a safe way to witness the country's authentic wildlife. In Uttarakhand, a northern state, there is Jim Corbett National Park, the oldest national park in the country , which is one of the top 10 holiday destinations for those tourists who love nature and natural bounties.
Tourist Attractions at Jim Corbett:
A protected area of the national park, where you will find a lot of guest houses, it provides brilliant views of the surrounded attractions and is also very close to the Patil Dun Valley, a beautiful place in the park. This is the best place to catch a glimpse or two of the tigers of India.
Though the majority of the park is a wet land, with marshes and water bodies, this one area is a completely dry land, and at one point of time was very popular for hunting, which is now prohibited. Here in this region you will get to see some plantation areas.
Once a farming land, Jhirna is now an area where tourists get a lot of comfortable rest houses in the park. You get a very proper feel of a wilderness, and tigers are usual sight here. This is also another dry land in the otherwise marshy place.
Corbett Museum:
The Park authorities made a small museum dedicated to its founder, Jim Corbett, where you can see documents, pictures and books, dedicated to him. Know about his journeys in India, his work and his life through these documents.
Kalagarh Dam:
In the southernmost parts of the park, this small dam is the best attraction, where you not only get to see a nice structure of engineering but various views of nature as well, like many water birds playing and flying about the dam. Quite a dreamy place, do take a visit here. 
Recreational Activities:
In Jim Corbett you will not only get a chance to explore the wilderness and natural beauty of India, but you will also get to try many adventurous sports, as the park authorities have given many provisions for these recreations, and offer very proper arrangements. Some of these are fishing, trekking, and water sports around Kosi river, safaris and so on. You can try your hands at water rafting, bridge slithering, and river crossing over Kosi, while many types of safaris are also offered , including elephant and jeep safaris. 
You can also camp in the park area, click pictures of the surroundings and learn about a very earthy place, formed together by ravines, trees, hills, marshes, and animals.
Shopping in Jim Corbett:
The park doesn't really offer many malls or shopping streets, for you to buy bags and bags of items, but you can buy some small souvenirs and books, from the canteen of the Bijrani area. Do not forget to get hold of these local wild articles and keep something on the name of memorabilia.
Best time to visit Jim Corbett:
The park remains open throughout the year, during summers March- June, monsoons, July to October and winters, November to February. But the favorable season for the tourists to take a holiday trip to Corbett is winters and summers, from 15th November to 15th June, as during these months, all the activities of the park are open for the tourists.
How to reach Jim Corbett:
By Air-
50 kms away from the park, is Pantnagar Airport, while 300 kms away, Delhi is the International Airport. 
By Train-
Ramnagar is the nearest railway station from where you can travel to the park via road. It is a well connected area.
By Road-
The park can also be reached by many major cities of the country, by road directly, in cars, taxis or tourist buses. Delhi 300 kms, Lucknow 403 kms, and Ramnagar 41 kms, are well linked to Jim Corbett National Park.
Jim Corbett will give you quite an adventurous, as well as earthy holiday, and you will get to explore an India that you have never done before.
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