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Holiday in Nainital


The land of diversity, India, is a country, which offers you a range of surprising and exciting tourist destinations, where you can have an amazing holiday with all the luxury and comfort. Explore the country which is popular for its history, heritage, mountains, beaches and deserts.
One of the best ways to have a holiday, is by spending some time at leisure in the mystic hills of the country, surrounded by beautiful views, trees, clouds and greeting the fresh air. One such place that welcomes you to its rustic beauty, which charms the tourists a lot, is Nainital. A small city in Uttaranchal state, which is one of the top 10 holiday destinations in the country.
Tourist Attractions in Nainital-
Naina Devi Temple:
This is one of the most popular tourist attraction here, while being a religious place it also calls to a lot of devout people. The temple and its site have mythological importance and hence increasing its value. You can see a very sacred environment of Hindu worshipping rituals while the adjoining views of the lakes and greenery also enhance your visit of the temple. 
St. John's Church:
More popularly known as the 'St. John in the wilderness', built in 1844, it is located near Mallital, another popular lake of Nainital. Being a very isolated and tranquil place, and because of its Gothic architecture, many tourists come to visit it.
Naini Lake:
This is the main center of activity in Nainital, as it is surrounded by the maximum number of tourist hotels and attractions. You can have a nice boating session on the lake while many big and small temples are scattered all around the lake.
Tiffin Top:
This is one steep climb, at the feet of which lies Naini Lake. You can either climb or hire a pony for a ride, to reach the top of the hill, which is a small picnic area, where you can click pictures, eat refreshments, and behold the Himalayan ranges at a far distance.
Governor's House:
A great structure of the British Raj, this was built in 1899 and is an amazing piece of art, also known as Raj Bhawan. Surrounded with properly mowed lawns, golf courses and pools, it has been built in a Victorian Gothic style. It requires permission of the authorities for a visit.
Mall Road:
The main shopping street in Nainital, just bordering the Naini Lake, it is the most lively place in the entire tourist area. You can buy some amazing woolen items from here and small souvenirs, though the most important thing to buy here would be the perfumed candles designed in various forms and sizes. Nainital is particularly famous for these candles.
Other lakes:
Since this holiday destination is popular for its lakes, you can take an extended trip of the lakes, and include all the other lakes to the Naini lake trip, which will include names like Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchiya Tal, Mallital, and Tallital. These places are particularly famous for capturing pictures.
Recreational Activities:
You have some really interesting and adventurous things to explore and try on your holiday in Nainital. Boating on the Naini Lake, trekking to the hill tops such as Tiffin top, horse riding around all the major attractions, shopping in the Mall Road and clicking pictures of all the beautiful locations. There is one more thing that you can enjoy here, a scoop of ice cream in the night , while strolling around the lake. Do not miss out on these amazing recreational activities, to have a memorable time in Nainital.
Shopping in Nainital:
From the popular market areas such as Mall Road, and Barra Bazaar, you can buy yourselves souvenirs of that place. Nainital is popular for its candles and woolen items, a variety of which can be seen. You will also find a lot of wooden articles, carved items, and cane sticks here, while some delicacies like the jams, pickles and jellies are also good items to shop for. The main tourist area is full of good stores, cafes and restaurants, where you can shop and eat to your heart's content.
Best time to visit Nainital:
Nainital is a hilly place and hence it is quite cold during the winters, while the summers are very favorable and pleasant. You would be able to walk in the sunny afternoon as well, without any inconvenience. Though you must avoid the monsoons , the months of July to September, as it is really showering at that time. The best time is during March to June.
How to reach Nainital:
By Air-
At a distance of 2 hours drive, Nainital can be reached by Pant Nagar Airport. Jagson and Kingfisher Airlines serve the tourists through this means of commutation.
By Train-
Only 35 kms away from Nainital, the nearest railway station is the Kathgodam Railway Station, from where you can take a taxi towards your hotel. There is also a bus station, not even one km away, from where you have direct buses to Nainital.
By Road-
A road journey can also be undertaken to reach Nainital. It is roughly 8 hours drive from Delhi, which has direct tourist buses towards the destination, run by Uttarakhand Roadways. While rented taxis and cars can also be hired from Delhi.
A Nainital trip would be a very joyous and memorable experience for you, as it would be full of beauty, nature and peace.
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