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Holiday in Rajasthan

 The land of desert, camels, palatial buildings, and splashes of colors in everything, India welcomes you to Rajasthan, the state of Marwarh. This western Indian state, has been one of the most popular tourist destination in the country, as this one place has varieties of things to offer. From food to culture, from crafts to architecture, every thing about Rajasthan is just exotic, and the diversity would be so much that you could write a book about your travel.

     A Rajasthan trip needs proper planning and arrangements on your part, as you would not want to miss out on any special ingredient of its heritage, and would like to make it a complete experience.

Places to visit in Rajasthan

Palaces and Forts
A place where the models of Rajput grandeur and luxury is still standing tall, in its breathtaking architectural buildings, palaces and forts, Rajasthan's main attraction lies in these heritage buildings. Whether you are in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur or Jaisalmer, all these places will have something or other to show you. Take a visit to the Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, the City Palace, Lake Palace, Junagarh Fort, Lakshmi Niwas Palace, and Lalgarh Palace are some of the places where you can see the regal lifestyle of these royalties.

Popular lakes
There are many lakes in various parts of the state, artificial or natural. The Ajmer city is especially famous for its beautiful lakes, like Pushkar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, and Pichola Lake, where you will get to see brilliant structures as well. Even Udaipur has its fair share of lakes, like Rangsagar and Swaroopsagar. Also visit other man made lakes in Ajmer like Foysagar and Anasagar, which will fall in the way to Dargah Sharif.

There are also many temples, exquisite in their architecture, which makes for popular tourist attractions.  One of the most popular would be the exotic Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu, where you can explore the religious traditions of Jains as well. Pushkar has its world famous Pushkar Brahma Temple, and Sawai Bhoj Temple, very famous for their beauty and tourist crowd. The Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Jaipur, Bhandasar Jain Temple at Bikaner and other Jain structures of Jaisalmer are some more temples and religious buildings in Rajasthan, which a tourist must take a visit to.

Recreational Activities:

Rajasthan is an amazing place to try out new things on a trip, which will bring novelty in a vacation. Here you can explore things like a camel safari on the desert lands, or a horse riding through rural areas of the place. In market areas or in traditional areas, you will find many traditional artists making colorful pottery and handicrafts, you can join them and have a crafty experience, while you can also get your hands patterned with henna art. There are many wildlife sanctuaries as well, which you can explore through a jeep safari, while checking out the wildlife of a desert land. And shopping is another but very important recreational activity to do on a Rajasthan trip.

Rajasthan Cuisine:

The land of Marwarh is as rich in its spicy and delicious delicacies as in the culture and heritage. Go to any town, any city or any tourist hub, you will be welcomed with mouth watering dishes, which you will not have in any other place. Though the top restaurants and hotels will serve all Indian cuisines, like North Indian, South Indian and even Chinese and  Italian. Do not forget to try the special daal baati churma, kachori, missi roti, makhaniya lassi ands ghevar. Also do not miss out on the special Bikaneri namkeen in Rajasthan, which you can also get packed from the markets, to take along with you.

Shopping in Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is a paradise for a true shopper, where you can shop for colorful clothes, amazing jewelery, delicious eateries, and crafty art work. Buy these authentic items from Rajasthan and keep some thing tangible with you, on the name of memories of a trip.

     From the markets, you can buy semi precious stones, and quality textiles, the colorful and traditional ghagra choli, and bangles, especially glass and lac bangles with mirror work. The state also boast about its intricate work on wooden handicrafts and furniture. You must also try to be a part of the traditional music and dance events of folk artists, and make your Rajasthan trip a complete experience.

     A Rajasthan trip demands a lot of energy and time, as the state, being full of lively things and diverse culture would make your entire vacation a lively and joyful experience.

Last Updated on 10 January 2012

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