Honeymoon in Andaman

The beautiful locales and rustic charm of India has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And not only natural beauty, but the country is also full of historical beauty, heritage, beaches and deserts to enjoy. With all these elements, India becomes a very hot destination for the newly married couples, who come to the country on their honeymoon.

The amazing locations, luxury accommodations, recreational activities and a quality time, all of these things together provide a wonderful time to the couples. Through an Indian honeymoon, they get to have a memorable vacation, as well as travel and see some of the most exotic and lovely places in the world.

Honeymoon Attractions in Andaman :


The Islands

The beautiful islands and coral reefs of Andamans are the best part of this place, where you can have a very splendid time with your partner. The popular Havelock, Neil, Baratang and Barren islands are some of them , where you can enjoy the serenity of the beaches and the excitement of the various activities. Many gardens, mangroves, and colonial structures are there in the neighboring areas. You must also take a visit to the limestone cave near Baratang.

The marine park 

Being a marine beauty, the islands have a nature park, full of marine life, both the flora and the birds and fishes. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, in Port Blair, is a complete amusement haven. Here you can explore a very natural environment, full of gardens, hillocks, aquatic life, and even sailing on the water bodies.

The Chatham Saw Mill

The colonial mill, which is now taken care of by the government,is a tourist spot as well. Here you can trace how the wood or lumber is cured, and observe the different procedures like cutting, felling and polishing. This mill and all its neighboring area will give you a very rustic charm on your honeymoon. Explore the past and present of Andaman's industrial side through this.

Recreational Activities:

In the sun kissed beaches of Andamans, you can have a brilliant beginning of your married life, amidst romance and liveliness, though you can also explore the essence of an island place and indulge in various adventurous water sports here, which you can try along any beach area.

You can give a try to water skiing, speed boating, row boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, para sailing, and beach volley ball. The games will give you a thrilling time in the middle of the transcendental atmosphere.

You can also try a ship cruise on the Bay of Bengal, and see the islands of Thailand and Myanmar. Trekking towards the uninhabited islands is also a fun experience on your honeymoon in Andamans.

Andaman Cuisine:

The food in Andaman is typical Indian, with lots of spices and variety of meals. You can have delicious south Indian food in the restaurants, while also a variety of sea food can be tried, like fishes, prawns, crabs and lobsters. The hotels serve the dishes in various forms, cooked, boiled, and you can even get a less spicy version of these , on request.

Do not forget to try the delicious coconut dishes, and coconut water on the beaches, and you can also enjoy the sunsets with your partner, sipping on tasty mocktails.

Shopping in  Lakshadweep :

In Andamans you would not find a throng of Tibetan markets to shop for your heart's content, or magnificent shopping complexes to help you  buy designer brands of clothing, you can shop for very authentic handicrafts here, made of sea shells and corals.

Wall hangings, paintings and decorative objects made of such sea beauties, can be bought as a memory of your Andaman honeymoon. You can also buy some antique jewelery from the street markets, which are also usually made up of sea shells. Also many spices and coconut dishes can be bought, to take home with you.

  A honeymoon in Andaman Islands will fill your married life with such a golden time, that with every sunrise you will remember its brilliance, and remember your Indian trip.

Last updated : Jan 04, 2012.

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