Honeymoon in Goa

India travel has always been a pleasurable experience, but a honeymoon vacation in the beaches of Goa, will be a lifelong memory for the newly weds.

The brilliance of sun, the fun of the marine world, breezy charm of the coasts, and the cool ticklish sand beneath your feet, all this and much more on your Goa trip, where you will have a quiet, romantic time on the isolated beaches while for some adventure and excitement be a part of the lively party beaches with lots of other couples.  

Goa is popular for its rave parties and a happening night life, true that, but there are lot of other colors in the wings of the beautiful place. You can enjoy the sand, sun and sea on the beaches while you can also explore a Portugal heritage in the old town areas. So get ready for a wonderful honeymoon party in Goa.

Honeymoon Attractions in Goa :


The Beaches:

A throng of beaches welcome you to Goa, some of which are the epitome of peace while others of fun. You might get tired of exploring so many things, but Goa would not fall short in your scale of excitement.

The beaches will give you a very luxury time, where you can spread yourself on a beach bed and soak up the sun, while sipping some traditional feni. You can also find markets along some beaches while deserted buildings and old forts around others. Few popular beaches of Goa, you must visit are, Anjuna, Benaulim, Baga, Vagator, Calangute and Dona Paula.

The Heritage:

Goa was under colonial rule of Portuguese for many years, and hence the culture, the architecture and even the food has been inspired by Portugal culture. The best way to explore this historical charm is through the amazing buildings, churches and old villages of Goa, which have been acknowledged as World Heritage Sites.

You must visit the popular Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Se cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Reis Magos and many others. Another picture can be seen through the Hindu temple, Shantadurga, all these buildings are exquisitely made and are tourists' delight.


A different treat from the beaches can be had through the wildlife exploration in Goa. The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary are two best places to indulge in this act. You and your partner can see the wild animals of down south and also the serenity of the lakes and hillocks in the parks.

There are also various spice plantation estates, spread on huge pieces of land with green carpet, which is extremely paradisaical for the young couples. This natural beauty on Goa will charm you to the utmost delight.

Recreational Activities:

In Goa , not a single moment your time can get boring. Here you can have a lot of time to spend with yourself and your partner in the resorts or beaches, or an exciting time to break the monotony with some adrenaline rushing adventure sports. The beaches will offer many sports like deep sea diving, scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing, angling, speed boating, and many others which you can try with your partner.

 You can also enjoy a ship cruise into the Indian Ocean, in the lap of luxury while also experience the magic of a cold night on the beach with a bon fire. These activities will add the spark of romance to your honeymoon.

Goa Cuisine:

Being a major tourist hub, you can get all kinds of delicacies and cuisines in Goa, from Chinese to Indian, but majority of people like to have south India food here, though sea food is popular in all the places of the area.

The resorts and hotels, the local shacks and street food, all are full of tasty, spicy sea food and snacks. Try the roasted fishes, prawns, lobsters, shrimps and have a very Goan experience . But you must not miss out on the traditional drink of Goa, called feni, and the various mocktails, pinacoladas and other exotic drinks you get on the beaches.

Shopping in Goa :

Goa is a place not only for enjoyment and party, you can also buy various authentic things from here, and keep something tangible with you for the memories of your vacation.

You can shop in the big showrooms or the local Anjuna flea market, but do not forget to buy various brassware, bamboo handicrafts, carved furniture, antique jewelery. Also make sure to buy the authentic and very amazing cashew nuts, spices and feni from here, to take back home with you.

 A Goa honeymoon will give you splendid memories  of your wedding , and also provide you a traveling experience in India's most popular tourist destination.

Last updated : Jan 05, 2012.

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