Honeymoon in Jodhpur


Everybody has different notion of honeymoon. While some people like an isolated island for getting to know each other well, others prefer historical places whose mighty buildings and heritage also provide an era of romance. Depending on the nature of the person, people plan out their honeymoon travel plans.
In India you do not have to worry about any lack of options , as the country is equipped with the demands of all type of people, from mystic mountains, dazzling beaches, serene valleys, to enchanting deserts. One such land is Rajasthan, where the shiny desert and palaces of Rajput kings will give you a perfect ambience on your honeymoon. Plan a trip to Jodhpur, one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations in the country, which is a major and royal city of Rajasthan.
Tourist Attractions in Jodhpur:
Mehrangarh Fort:
One of the largest, strongest and sturdiest forts of the country, Mehrangarh Fort is a complex built in 15th century, which encloses many smaller buildings and temples. Some of its most popular sites are the Moti Mahal, a colored and lively chamber; Sheesh Mahal, the hall of the mirrors; Phool Mahal, a hall for entertainment and dancing; Zenana Deodi, the hall of the wives; and Chamunda Mataji Temple, dedicated to the local deity of Jodhpur. All these structures are extensive examples of Rajput architecture, exploring which will be delightful task on your honeymoon.
Umaid Bhawan Palace:
This beautiful and palatial palace is one of the most popular heritage hotels in the world now. Completed only in the 20th century, half of the building is still owned by the maharaja of Jodhpur, while the rest has been converted into a five star luxury hotel. You can have a luxury honeymoon here, while beholding the elegance and class of the erstwhile princes of Rajasthan.
Khejarla Fort:
Another marvel of Rajput architecture, built 400 years ago, Khejarla is a red sandstone structure, with all the essential features of Rajput style, including lattice work, jharokha, and lavish gardens. You will get plenty of landscapes to behold from here. 
Lakes and water bodies:
There are many lakes in Jodhpur, natural and artificial, which beautify the town, and draw tourist attention. You can go with your partner to the Balsamand lake, which is also a resort now; Kailana lake, a picnic spot; Ranisar Padamsar and Gulab Sagar lake.
There are many temples in Jodhpur which are included in the itinerary for the tourists. You can also begin your new life by seeking some divine blessings, and visit the Ganesh Temple, Mahamandir Temple, Pal Balaji Temple, Santoshi Mata Temple, and Baba Ramdev Temple. 
Recreational Activities:
Jodhpur is a pure delight for tourists' eyes, so you should roam around and behold its beauty as much as you can on your honeymoon, and also try some recreational activities during your stay here, like a camel ride on the deserts of the land, or attend a cultural function. You can also be a part of the International Music Festival that is organized annually at the Mehrangarh Fort, during October, while trying the exquisite food and shopping for the colorful items would also be a fun and good thing to do.
Shopping in Jodhpur:
Take your wife to the Sardar Market, via Nai Sadak, which will be thronged with colorful fabrics and  saris, popularly known as Bandhej; antique jewelery; Rajasthani shoes called Mojris; various spices and tea and textiles and handicrafts like carpets, mats, wall hangings, scarves and duvet covers. You can visit the emporiums to buy authentic Rajasthani handicrafts or else the street markets are also equipped with such items, which you can use for your house decoration.
Best time to visit Jodhpur:
Since Rajasthan is a desert place, it is quite hot in the summer season, while the winters will be very pleasant. You can avoid planning a trip during the months of March to June, while the winters, October to February is the best season for a honeymoon in Jodhpur.
How to reach Jodhpur:
By Air-
Only 5 k ms away from the main city center, Jodhpur has its international airports, which is connected to all major cities of the country , and outside. Services are available from many airlines including Indian, Jet and Kingfisher.
By Train-
The city is also equipped with Railway Junctions, and many express trains and luxury heritage trains serve the tourists, by taking them to a Jodhpur sojourn.
By Road-
The city also has a well networked road transportation, and many cards, buses, rentals, jeeps, and taxis run on the roads. You can book any of them and have a comfortable and thorough trip of this Rajasthani city on your honeymoon.
  In Jodhpur, you can enjoy a very princely honeymoon, see all the grand structures made by the royals and have a taste of that luxury by staying at one of these heritage hotels. Plan a lavish honeymoon and make some unforgettable memories.
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