Honeymoon in Srinagar


Honeymoon is that time, when you get a chance to get to know your partner very closely, spend some time relaxing, and travel to a beautiful place which act as a nice break from the daily monotonous life. A honeymoon in India, is like a dream come true, with mesmerizing locations, luxurious resorts, and many unique things to explore. 
In the northernmost regions of the country, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been acknowledged as one of the most popular state for tourism, as it's cultural and natural beauty touches everybody's heart. Here lies the valley of Kashmir, which has often been considered as “The Paradise on Earth”, so plan a honeymoon to these beautiful valleys and explore the land of Kashmir, especially Srinagar, which is one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations in the country.
Tourist Attractions of Srinagar:
Dal Lake-
This is the main attraction of Srinagar, which surrounds a lot of Mughal gardens, big and small structures, markets and picnic spots. The main feature of Dal Lake is that, it offers you wonderful shikara (Kashmiri boat) rides, on the lake, whose transparent water makes you feel pure and light hearted. Many fruit and flower sellers sell their produces on the lake as well, to the tourists.
The Mughal Gardens-
Beautiful gardens sprawled around the Dal lake, having fountains, pools, lawns and colorful flowers; these are the best part of your Srinagar honeymoon. Mughal Emperors have had a huge influence on the arts and aesthetics of the tourist destination, and hence they made these lovely Mughal gardens, where in, you would also be able to see small Mughal architectural pieces. The three most popular Mughal gardens in Srinagar are, Nishat Bagh, Chashmashahi, and Shalimar Bagh. Do not forget to spend some quite time appreciating the beauty of this natural paradise.
Hazratbal Mosque
This is one of the most popular mosques in the country, built completely in white. It is as much a sacred place for the people, as a place for architectural importance, and has some strict codes of conduct in the premises. You can also take a walk with your spouse in the surrounding market area.
Ziarati Hazrati Youza Asouph
An important tomb in Srinagar, also known as Roza Bal, has many legends associated with it. Most popularly, it is believed to be a tomb of Jesus, who according to some legends, survived his crucifixion and lived in India for some 100 years of his age.
Shankaracharya Mandir
A popular Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is built on a hill top, believed to be as old as 2nd century BC. The temple demands strict code of conduct by the visitors, like no liquor, no tobacco, and even photographs are not allowed.
Recreational Activities:
Srinagar is a beautiful paradise, with sights galore and exciting things to do. On your honeymoon, you would want to spend all of your time with your partner; and the beautiful backgrounds, scenic views and a slow shikara ride on the lake will add to the charm of your romance. Take your wife for a shikara ride and buy some flowers for her hair, from the sellers. You can also arrange for a small picnic in the Mughal gardens or visit the old villages of the city. On the way to Gulmarg, you would get to Parihaspora , where you will see amazing ruins of old structures, as well as Hindu and Kashmiri Palaces, and Buddhist worshiping places.
Shopping in Srinagar:
Srinagar, as a part of Kashmir, has some amazing handicrafts and original woolen wear to offer, to its tourists. On your honeymoon , you would definitely roam around the market areas, so do not forget to buy the most popular Pashmina Shawls( Cashmere Shawls) , leather products and jewelry from the markets. Also buy beautifully made carpets, rugs, finest saffron, walnuts and small knick knacks as tokens of your wonderful time in Srinagar.
Best time to visit Srinagar:
Srinagar receives heavy snowfall in the Winter season, that is November to February, and hence people prefer to plan a visit during the Summer months of March to July, as this is the time, when one can see the natural beauty of the town properly, without freezing in the snow.
How to reach Srinagar:
By Air:
The Srinagar International Airport, or Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport, receives many flights every day, from major cities of the country and foreign nations. Though the security is too tight for the tourists.
By Train:
The Srinagar Railway Station, is another mode of traveling to Srinagar, which is under construction currently, and is linked to Baramulla and Qazigund.
By Road:
Tourist buses and taxis, are also major sources of transportation for tourists, as the roads are well linked and constructed, and help people to enjoy the views of the valleys as well.
A honeymoon in Srinagar will be a dreamy beginning of your wedding, through which you will accumulate some amazing memories.
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